About Coronavirus Data (FAQ):
Data Last Updated:
# Data Type Region Last Updated
1 Cases World 1 hrs 41 mins ago
2 Cases US (States & County) 1 hrs 41 mins ago
3 Cases India (States & District) 12 hrs 36 mins ago
4 Cases Russia (States) 5 hrs 56 mins ago
5 Tests World 8 hrs 51 mins ago
6 Tests US (States & County) 16 hrs 4 mins ago
7 Tests India (States & District) 12 hrs 36 mins ago
8 Racial Data US (Individual States) 13 hrs 51 mins ago
9 Rt Data US (Individual States) 3 hrs 16 mins ago
How is this site different from other Covid19 sites:
  • We have the most comprehensive tracker/analysis site for both cases and tests for 200+ countries around the world.
  • We include data from cases, tests, unemployment, racial data, hospitalization, ICU, ventilator data for all 50 US states.
  • We have recovered data for most of the 50 US states. Very few websites have that.
  • We have comprehensive data (cases, tests, etc) and multiple charts are available for all 200+ countries around the world (not just USA).
  • Our data and charts is lot more in-depth and accurate than worldometer (which only have limited data/charts).
  • Our data on Russia is available from Jan 31. Whereas JHU only recently started adding Russia data. This maybe useful for experts who want to understand (or track) infection spread in Russia.
  • For many countries (like India), the data is more accurate than even JHU. JHU seems to be 30K behind for last several weeks.
About Covid-19 Cases Data:
  • We will be updating this data every hour.
  • Hover or tap over chart data to see data for each day.
  • Data source is millions of clinics, hospitals and testing centers all over the world.
  • For many countries (US, UK, India, Russia, Canada, France, China, etc), you can drill down to country, state and/or city level to get in-depth data.
  • Our goal is to be the most comprehensive, accurate and in-depth tracker available.
  • For US, recovered case count is available at country level and some states. It is currently unavailabe at city level. However recovered case count is available for states and cities for other countries.
About Covid-19 Tests Data:
Q. What is total tests count?
A. Total tests count is the total count of how many tests were performed in that region. Generally total test data includes test results (positive or negative) and pending tests results. However the test data for pending results have not been reliable from clinics, testing centers and hospitals all around the world. Hence total tests count only include positive and negative tests reults.
Q. Does total test count means that many people have been tested?
A. No. One person can be administered multiple tests (first test can be positive, second test [given after 2 weeks] can be negative, etc). Hence total tests count does not mean that many residents have been tested.
Q. Why are the values for 'Total Tested Positive' different from 'Confirmed Cases'?
A. There are two reasons for that: (a) The daily cases data and daily tests data are procured from different sources. (b) In addition, the daily cut-off time for counting data are different for these sources. Hence total count between these two values can be slightly different.
Data Source:
  • Global & US Cases Data: JHU and other sources
  • US Test & Race Data: covidtracking.com
  • Global Test Data: Various Sources
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