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U.S. immigration system approved thousands of child marriages in past decade  NBC News

Activists seeking to end child marriages in the U.S. told NBC News that they hope a new report could prompt Congress to address the issue once and for all.

Here’s what it takes for an immigrant to get a green card — and not lose it  Miami Herald

Immigrants need a permanent residence card (a green card) to live and work legally in the United States. Here are USCIS rules for getting green cards for ...

Letter: US immigration system has failed | Letters |  Corvallis Gazette Times

The U.S. immigration system has been broken for at least 30 years and our representatives have simply kicked the can down the decades. Their failure seems to ...

Georgia's Unnoticed, Rarely Used Immigration Review Board  U.S. News & World Report

The Peach State has had an immigration enforcement panel since 2011, staffed by volunteers with limited immigration expertise.

End the government shutdown. Let's make a deal on immigration.  USA TODAY

Though Donald Trump wants permanent barriers but only temporary protection for 'Dreamers,' some difference-splitting could bridge the divide: Our view.

Shutdown worsens strain on U.S. immigration system  The Washington Post

Tens of thousands of U.S. immigration officers and agents are showing up for work each day to guard the Mexico border, where President Trump insists on ...

Terrorism suspect caught at U.S.-Mexico border roils immigration debate  Washington Times

Zabi-Ullah Hemmat wasn't just one of 415816 illegal immigrants caught at the southwest border in fiscal 2016. Nor was he just another of the 84 people from ...

The US immigration situation, through statistics  Norman Transcript

Earlier this week, editor Caleb Slinkard solicited feedback on social media concerning reader questions about immigration in the United States.

Deported from the U.S., now answering your calls  CBS News

When U.S. consumers call about a hotel reservation or an airline flight, there's a good chance a deportee in El Salvador is on the other end of the line.

These policy changes will impact legal immigrants in the U.S. in 2019  Merced Sun-Star

Here are five USCIS changes in immigration regulations and policy updates that affect legal immigrants with visas and green cards in the United States and ...

Albert Lea residents draw parallels from MLK to current U.S. immigration issues  myfox47

The ceremony featured several speakers: the mayor of Albert Lea, two students at Riverland Community College and a staff attorney from the Immigration Center ...

A wall to separate us from reason | TheHill  The Hill

On both sides of the border, we now find ourselves in a dangerous geopolitical situation.

Letter to the editor: U.S. immigration system is indeed broken  Press Herald

Our immigration system is indeed broken. Activist judges and our own representatives and senators are not representing our best interests when it comes to ...

Majority of Americans Not Confident in Trump’s Immigration Decisions  U.S. News & World Report

A comprehensive new survey found that 6 in 10 Americans have little or no confidence in Trump's ability to make wise immigration policy decisions and work ...

Navigating U.S. immigration sucks — here's where everyone goes for help  The Outline

Immihelp gives people seeking residence in the U.S. a place to process the arcane bureaucracy that comes with working with the government.

US Immigration Courts Affected by Government Shutdown  VOA News

The ongoing battle between President Trump and members of Congress over funding is leading to upheaval in a system already taxed by more cases than it can ...

Is immigration the fix to declining U.S. birthrate?  Albuquerque Journal

The primary asset of any society is its people. That's true in the lofty spiritual sense and in the crass financial one: Other people produce both the economic ...

The Outlook On Immigration In 2019  Forbes

In 2019, Trump officials will continue efforts to reduce immigration, including fewer foreign students, H-1B professionals and refugees.

Trump wants border security. But shutdown is keeping illegal immigrants in U.S. longer  Kansas City Star

Kansas City courts have canceled more than 550 immigration hearings in first three weeks of shutdown, adding to the national backlog of unresolved cases.

Trump wall - all you need to know about US border in seven charts  BBC News

A standoff over funding for President Donald Trump's long-promised border wall has resulted in the longest-ever shutdown of the US government. Mr Trump ...

With Trump At The Border, A Look Back At U.S. Immigration Policy  NPR

President Trump continues his quest to curb illegal immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border. One expert says there have always been ebbs and flows to how ...

10 pivotal moments for US immigration in 2018  PRI

It's been a big year, to say the least, for immigrants and immigration policy in the United States. Here are 10 moments that stand out.

'Embracing' immigration crucial to long-term U.S. growth says Mark Zandi  CNBC

Chief economist of Moody's Analytics Mark Zandi calls America's immigration policy under the Trump Administration "backwards" and says it conflicts with the ...

Animation: 200 Years of US Immigration as Tree Rings  Visual Capitalist

Since 1830, there have been four major waves of U.S. immigration - and this unique video depicts the influx of immigrants as rings in a tree trunk.

OP-ED: The U.S. Immigration system helps child abusers  Observer-Reporter

We talk a lot about sexual abuse and harassment here in the United States. We are a country with a heightened sense of what's right and wrong when it comes.

Trump’s Deal Meets With Skepticism Among Immigrants in Texas  The New York Times

President Trump has offered a deal on immigration, but the clients at one hair salon in San Antonio weren't buying it.

ALLAN WERNICK: Reagan's immigration law a better deal for U.S. than Trump offer - NY Daily News  New York Daily News

President Trump's offer of short-term protection for Dreamers and Temporary Protected Status-holders in exchange for his wall is a bad deal.

A Latin American Pespective On The U.S. Immigration Debate  WLRN

The spotlight remains on immigration policy in the United States, as President Trump continues calls for a wall on the southern border. As the debate.

US Immigration Policy as a Crisis of Faith  The Epoch Times

Our country is engrossed in a pressing question. Is there an emergency at the border involving what President Donald Trump calls “a crisis of the heart and a ...

Trump: US Civil Servants Working Without Pay Are 'Great Patriots'  VOA News

U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday described hundreds of thousands of federal civil servants working without pay during the partial government shutdown ...

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