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  1. AP visits immigrant courts across U.S., finds nonstop chaos  Salt Lake Tribune
  2. In immigrant courts across US, there's nonstop chaos  The Recorder
  3. Twitter, Microsoft, and other companies call for an end to Trump's rule to keep out low-income immigrants
  4. Recapping US Immigration Changes Since 2017, And What to Expect in 2020
  5. Microsoft, Twitter, others speak out against Trump's public charge immigration rule  CNET
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Microsoft, Reddit, Twitter, others urge federal court to block Trump’s ‘public charge’ immigration rule  GeekWire
Here are five USCIS changes that will impact legal immigrants in the U.S. in 2020  Miami Herald
Immigrants can lose their green cards and face deportation if they make these mistakes  Miami Herald
This Migrant Won In Immigration Court, And The U.S. Sent Him To Mexico Anyway  NPR
The Role of Skills in U.S. Immigration Policy, in One Chart  National Review
U.S. Immigration Policy Sparks Action in Michigan — Detroit Jewish News  The Jewish News
US immigration: Mexican asylum seekers could be deported to Guatemala  BBC News
I’m a Liberal Who Thinks Immigration Must Be Restricted  The New York Times
Large Groups of Hondurans Set Off for U.S., as Mexico Pledges to Block Them  Wall Street Journal
U.S. court blocks Trump from enforcing 'public charge' immigration rule  Reuters
Inside Trump's tent immigration courts that turn away thousands of asylum seekers  The Guardian
Lawmaker: Changes Being Made to Kentucky Immigration Bill  U.S. News & World Report
ICE arrest in Hamilton County Courthouse ignites a political firestorm  The Cincinnati Enquirer
Deported Immigrant Rights Leader Jean Montrevil Sues U.S. Government  Democracy Now!
Immigrants Provide a Net Gain to the US  Fair Observer
US Citizenship And Immigration Services Proposes Sharp Fee Hikes For Records : Shots - Health News  NPR
10 US immigration issues to watch in 2020  PRI
New Migrant Caravan Not Close Enough to U.S. Election to Be an Emergency  New York Magazine
Apple's 'Little America' joins Awkwafina in TV's immigration wave  Los Angeles Times
Opinion: The political history of locking up immigrants in U.S.  Los Angeles Times
These are the five worst mistakes immigrants make when applying for U.S. citizenship  Miami Herald
U.S. Opens Immigration ‘Tent Courts’ to Public  Wall Street Journal
Mexico says it will stop hundreds of migrants trying to reach US  BBC News
WATCH: Jared Kushner Confronted Over Grandfather Lying on Immigration Forms to Enter U.S.  Mediaite
Here's where the top 2020 candidates stand on the U.S.'s 11+ million undocumented immigrants  Amsterdam News
Acting ICE director to speak in NYC amid heated sanctuary policy debate  ABC News
Mexican Immigrant Dreams of Leading First U.S. Breakdancing Team to Olympic Gold  The New York Times
An Immigrant Woman Was Allowed To Stay In The US — But Her Three Children Have A Deportation Order  BuzzFeed News
“A Translation Crisis at the Border”: U.S. Immigration Courts Are Failing Mayan-Language Speakers  Democracy Now!
French citizen dies in custody of US immigration agents  FRANCE 24 English
US immigration system is full of hurdles for pregnant women and new mothers  WBFO
U.S. seeks to bar asylum for immigrants convicted of certain crimes  PBS NewsHour
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