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U.S. to change migration rules in a bid to send asylum seekers elsewhere  Reuters
  1. U.N. expert corrects claim on children in U.S. migration detention
  2. UN Expert Corrects Claim on Kids in US Migration Detention  U.S. News & World Report
  3. STORY REMOVED: BC-EU--UN-US-Detained Children  WSB Atlanta
  4. UN Expert: 100000 Kids In Migration-Related Detention In US  KPBS
  5. More than 100000 children in migration-related US detention: UN  CNA
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New asylum restriction: U.S. to hike fees for immigration applications and impose first-ever asylum charge  CBS News
Trump admin readies rule to send asylum-seekers back to dangerous countries they passed through  NBC News
The Trump administration’s immigration jails are packed, but deportations are lower than in Obama era  The Washington Post
White House restricts legal immigrants with fee hikes, H-1B visa denials  San Francisco Chronicle
The Supreme Court May Criminalize Immigrant Advocacy  Slate
This is the most immigrant-friendly city in America, new report says  USA TODAY
Immigrant kids more likely to attain American Dream than U.S.-born peers  CBS News
Becoming a US Citizen Could Cost You More  KGBT-TV
US Border Officials Pressured Asylum Officers To Deny Entry To Immigrants Seeking Protection, A Report Finds  BuzzFeed News
No confirmation, no photo. CBP says Trump’s image the only one allowed on agency walls.  The Washington Post
Forsaken by Trump, immigrant 'Dreamers' seek U.S. Supreme Court reprieve  Reuters
It has been a ‘historic’ year for Trump’s agenda. Here’s what that means for immigrants  Miami Herald
Trump Administration Withdraws Huge Fines For Some Immigrants In U.S. Illegally  NPR
Woman deported from US to Mexico making shirts critical of US immigration  INSIDER
Oregon restricts U.S. immigration agents from making arrests in state’s courthouses, but ICE vows to march on  OregonLive
Canada case poses question: Is US immigration system safe?  The Associated Press
A new study finds immigrants aren’t drawn to states that offer them health insurance
U.S. Catholic Bishops Elect Hispanic Immigrant as Leader  The New York Times
Companies Say U.S. Consulate In India Denies L-1 Visas At Alarming Rate  Forbes
Utah congressman's fix for immigration problems? Let states create their own visa programs.  Salt Lake Tribune
Why Trump Is Bad for Business  Fortune
‘Bodies flew everywhere’: A border chase shows role U.S. citizens play in immigration smuggling  The Washington Post
How European and U.S. unauthorized immigrant populations compare  Pew Research Center
U.S. Supreme Court mulls making it easier to deport immigrants for crimes  Reuters
Trump administration working to close immigration ‘loopholes’ — but border is still a crisis, officials say  The Washington Post
Factbox: Democratic U.S. presidential hopefuls seek contrast with Trump on immigration  Reuters
U.S. proposes collecting DNA samples from detained immigrants  Reuters
Aloha deadly crash suspect may have fled to Mexico, sparking immigration law debate  KATU
A Guide to Some Major Trump Administration Immigration Policies  FRONTLINE
1 Person Convicted, 1 Acquitted in Immigration Case | Nebraska News  U.S. News & World Report
Time is running out for foreigners to enter the visa lottery for free U.S. green cards  Miami Herald
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