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Green cards are only available to immigrants who fall under one of these categories  Miami Herald
First Asian American sheriff in California vows to protect immigrants from Trump policies  USA TODAY
A Parasite In Her Eyes Was Slowly Making Her Blind, But The US Turned This Immigrant Away Multiple Times  BuzzFeed News
Immigration integration: An opportunity to reunite America | TheHill  The Hill
U.S. population will decline faster without steady immigration, Census report says  The Washington Post
Confidential therapy notes being used against immigrant children  Washington Post
Path to legal status for the unauthorized is top immigration policy goal for Hispanics in U.S.  Pew Research Center
Trump sends Border Patrol units to arrest immigrants in Houston, other cities  Texas Tribune
Kushner Tries To Resurrect Trump Immigration Overhaul  NPR
Families in Africa fear impact of U.S. immigration ban  Reuters
What Happens to the U.S. Population If Immigration Rises Substantially or Halts Entirely?  Reason
Trump struggles to win over Republicans on immigration  POLITICO
Illegal alien or undocumented immigrant? Colorado the latest to debate replacing terms  USA TODAY
ICE officer shoots man in face during US immigration operation  Al Jazeera English
Klobuchar Shifts on Immigration Before Nevada Caucuses  U.S. News & World Report
Two Gay Immigrants Left Everything For Safety In The US. Instead, They Were Sent To Guatemala.  BuzzFeed News
How AMA is fighting to stop “public charge” immigration rule  American Medical Association
Two Couples Shared What It Was Like Falling In Love At A Migrant Camp At The US–Mexico Border  BuzzFeed News
Changes to public charge policy seen to have chilling effect on immigrants  Crux: Covering all things Catholic
ICE subpoenas San Diego Sheriff's Department; first time new tactic used in California  Los Angeles Times
No experience required: US hiring immigration judges who don't have any immigration law experience | TheHill  The Hill
'Trump is deciding who is American': how the new travel ban is tearing families apart  The Guardian
Immigrants who use public benefits are essential to US economy  Quartz
How a simple computer game simulated the dizzying U.S. immigration process  Popular Science
A limo driver's route to citizenship: Why merit-based immigration works | TheHill  The Hill
The Undocumented Agent  The Atlantic
Judge strikes blow to US immigration enforcement tactics  ABC News
Trump is fulfilling his pledge to build fortress America — and running on it  The Washington Post
New Jersey, Trump Administration Square off Over Immigration  U.S. News & World Report
US Supreme Court allows Trump's 'public charge' immigration curb  Al Jazeera English
Global Entry enrolment halted in New York in immigration row  BBC News
Nigerians outraged over US immigration ban  Anadolu Agency
Talented Immigrants Make the U.S. Richer, Not Poorer  Bloomberg
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