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  1. Trump: Republicans should 'stop wasting their time on immigration'  The Guardian
  2. Trump hosts victims of undocumented migrants amid family separations row  BBC News
  3. Trump says GOP should 'stop wasting their time on immigration' until after midterms  CNN
  4. I was a childhood immigrant to the US -- Trump is acting wisely and compassionately on illegal immigration  Fox News
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  1. Undocumented immigrant children brought from US-Mexico border 2000 miles to NYC  USA TODAY
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  1. #OccupyICEPDX: Protesters 'occupy ICE' over US immigration policy
  2. ICE Temporarily Closes Portland Office Amid Tumult Of Protests Across US  NPR
  3. LIVE: Protesters rally over family separation at ICE San Francisco office  The Mercury News
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  1. Mexicans Protest US Immigration Policy  NPR
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  1. Salvadorans Weigh In On How They View The US Immigration Situation  NPR
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  1. US Congress divided over immigration system overhaul
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  1. Trump tells federal agencies to reunite families at border; Melania visits region  Channel NewsAsia
  2. Military bases could house up to 20000 undocumented immigrant children  CNN
  3. Trump administration asks Pentagon to prepare 20000 beds for immigrant children on military bases  The Independent
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  1. Trump attacks 'phony stories of sadness and grief' in separation crisis – live  The Guardian
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  1. How experts would fix the broken US immigration system  CNBC
  2. Jeff Sessions changes tone on family separations at the border  CNN
  3. Churches Need To Speak Out Against US Immigration Policy NOW  Scary Mommy
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  1. UK: May Condemns US Immigration Policy, Fails to Fix Her Own  teleSUR tv HTTPS (press release) (blog)
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  1. Amazon workers 'refuse' to build tech for US immigration, warning Jeff Bezos of IBM's Nazi legacy  The Independent
  2. Amazon employees protest sale of facial recognition tech to law enforcement  The Hill
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  1. This is how much it costs to detain an immigrant in the US  CNBC
  2. Substandard Medical Care Is Killing People in US Immigration Prisons  ACLU (blog)
  3. ICE released its most comprehensive immigration detention data yet. It's alarming. | National Immigrant Justice Center  National Immigrant Justice Center
  4. Half of recent immigrant detainee deaths due to inadequate medical care, report finds  CNN
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  1. Why Trump's immigration crackdown won't stem flow of Central Americans  The Guardian
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  1. Trump's 'zero tolerance' immigration policy sparks outrage in Central America  USA TODAY
  2. Migrant children in the US: The bigger picture explained  BBC News
  3. Anatomy of an executive order: What President Trump's order on family separation does  USA TODAY
  4. Why are so many migrants crossing the US border? It often starts with an escape from violence in Central America
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  1. 'Are you the mother?' A woman's search for baby taken by US immigration
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  1. The US Is a Low-Immigration Nation  Bloomberg
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  1. Artist collective tackles 'disappearing kids' under US immigration policy  Art Newspaper
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  1. US can wait no longer for just immigration reform  Youngstown Vindicator
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  1. US judge challenges federal government's claim California sought to stymie immigration enforcement  CNBC
  2. Judge disputes California aimed to hinder border enforcement  Charlotte Observer
  3. Crowd protests as California fights US immigration lawsuit  Seattle Times
  4. Feds tangle in court with California over 'sanctuary' laws  The Mercury News
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  1. Family relationships have long been part of the bedrock of US immigration policy. Then came Trump  Los Angeles Times
  2. Trump ends his policy of family separations with executive order – as it happened  The Guardian
  3. Trump says would back both US House immigration bills as separation crisis grows  Reuters
  4. Trump backs down on separating immigrant children, legal problems remain  Reuters
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