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USCIS/DOS uploads the new visa bulletin in a different page and later adds the link to it from the main page. This tool will allow you to scan all these different pages and find it before it is released to general public.

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How To Use
  • Step 1: Select your favorite month and year
  • Step 2: Check box to receive email if VB is found and enter correct email address (optional)
  • Step 3: Check box to automatically scan again
  • Step 4: Click on "Locate VB" button

Q. What is Find Hidden VB Tool?
USCIS/DOS typically releases the Visa Bulletin between 6th and 14th of each month. The only way you can find out when it is release is to continously hit refresh on the visa bulletin archive page (link).

Doing this multiple times every day for multiple days is tedious. We have built this tool to automatically scan for all available visa bulletin and give you the direct link. In addition you can sign up for email notification.

Tip: You can also signup for newsletter to get an email when visa bulletin is released.

Q. What is email notification?
You can sign up for email notification and receive email as soon as they publishes the latest visa bulletin. Now you will no longer have to manually check every few minutes.

To make sure that you receive email, remember to
(1) enter correct email address (2) turn on auto refresh (1 minute or 5 minutes) and remember to click the "Locate VB" button. Also do not close this browser window. If you close it, it cannot scan the visa bulletin website and send you email.

Q. I did not find the latest visa bulletin on first try. How do I scan again?
You can either (a) click refresh on your browser or (b) click on "Locate VB" button or (c) check the "Auto refresh this page" checkbox.

Q. Is there a limit to how many times I can click refresh?
There are no limits. You can manually scan or refresh as many times as you like (even if auto refresh is turned on).

Q. How do I know this tool is working properly?
Just select any older visa bulletin from drop down above. It would accurately show the link (if available). It has already been used by 50,000+ users just in the last few months.

Q. How does the tool work?
Show Answer USCIS/DOS first uploads a file (which has latest visa bulletin) on the server. Later on they update the visa bulletin homepage and add a link to this new file.

So instead of manually clicking refresh on default visa bulletin homepage, you can automatically scan all these different pages/URLs and find it as soon as they upload the file.

Remember if they have not uploaded the file, there is nothing to "find". In that case you will get a "VB Not Found" message.

Q. I am still not clear on how the tool works?
I will explain by comparing it to treasure hunting. In treasure hunting: (a) someone has to hide the treasure at some location and (b) you have to go to lots of locations to try and find it.

It is the same for Find Hidden VB Tool. In step (a) above, someone has to upload the file. However step (b) is automated. You do not have to go through lots of pages manually and try to find it. The tool will scan multiple pages for you and let you know as soon as it is uploaded.

Example: Let us assume they upload a draft version of visa bulletin on 7th or 9th of that month. They may not link to this VB from their homepage till the 10th. So you may not be able to find it till they link it officialy from front page.

If you use this tool and in case they upload it on on the 6th day of that month and you scan for it that day, you will immediately find it. So little trial and error maybe required.

Q. Is all data pulled in real time?
Yes, every scan is done in real time to locate new visa bulletin. In addition, we instruct the browser to not store (cache) any data; so that you get real time results.

BTW, when you goto visa bulletin website and load the home page; typically this page is stored in your browser cache. When you click refresh, it is typically loaded from cache to load page faster.

Q. Is this free?
Yes, everything in the blog and site is free (it is fully supported by ads). Please support our sponsors.

If you found this tool useful, please feel free to share it with others.

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