Green Card Wait Time (By Category/Country):

Based on data from USCIS/DOS, please see below current wait time for both EB and FB categories. Please note:

  1. These wait times can change every few weeks as USCIS/DOS receives more applications.
  2. We will update this table when we receive more data from USCIS/DOS.
  3. To calculate when your priority date may become current, please see GC Calculator.
  4. Remember to click on each category and sub categories to see wait time for last 15+ years.

Visa Bulletin Movement For EB1 Philippines - Green Card Waiting Time
Date VB Final Action Date Estimated Wait TimeDate Movement
July 2024CCurrentNo Change
June 2024CCurrentNo Change
May 2024CCurrentNo Change
April 2024CCurrentNo Change
March 2024CCurrentNo Change
February 2024CCurrentNo Change
January 2024CCurrentNo Change
December 2023CCurrentNo Change
November 2023CCurrentNo Change
October 2023CCurrent+2 Months
September 202301AUG23 1 Month No Change
August 202301AUG23 +1 Month
July 2023CCurrentNo Change
June 2023CCurrentNo Change
May 2023CCurrentNo Change
April 2023CCurrentNo Change
March 2023CCurrentNo Change
February 2023CCurrentNo Change
January 2023CCurrentNo Change
December 2022CCurrentNo Change
November 2022CCurrentNo Change
October 2022CCurrentNo Change
September 2022CCurrentNo Change
August 2022CCurrentNo Change
July 2022CCurrentNo Change
June 2022CCurrentNo Change
May 2022CCurrentNo Change
April 2022CCurrentNo Change
March 2022CCurrentNo Change
February 2022CCurrentNo Change
January 2022CCurrentNo Change
December 2021CCurrentNo Change
November 2021CCurrentNo Change
October 2021CCurrentNo Change
September 2021CCurrentNo Change
August 2021CCurrentNo Change
July 2021CCurrentNo Change
June 2021CCurrentNo Change
May 2021CCurrentNo Change
April 2021CCurrentNo Change
March 2021CCurrentNo Change
February 2021CCurrentNo Change
January 2021CCurrentNo Change
December 2020CCurrentNo Change
November 2020CCurrentNo Change
October 2020CCurrentNo Change
September 2020CCurrentNo Change
August 2020CCurrentNo Change
July 2020CCurrentNo Change
June 2020CCurrentNo Change
May 2020CCurrent+11 Months
April 202001JUN19 10 Months +3 Months
March 202001MAR191 Year +3 Months
February 202001DEC181 Year 2 Months +2 Months
January 202001OCT181 Year 3 Months +2 Months 17 Days
December 201915JUL181 Year 4 Months 17 Days +1 Month 14 Days
November 201901JUN181 Year 5 Months +1 Month 9 Days
October 201922APR181 Year 5 Months 9 Days +6 Months 21 Days
September 201901OCT171 Year 11 Months +1 Year 3 Months
August 201901JUL163 Years 1 Month -1 Year 9 Months 21 Days
July 201922APR181 Year 2 Months 9 Days No Change
June 201922APR181 Year 1 Month 9 Days +1 Month 21 Days
May 201901MAR181 Year 2 Months +1 Month
April 201901FEB181 Year 2 Months +1 Month
March 201901JAN181 Year 2 Months +1 Month
February 201901DEC171 Year 2 Months +2 Months
January 201901OCT171 Year 3 Months +3 Months
December 201801JUL171 Year 5 Months +3 Months
November 201801APR171 Year 7 Months No Change
October 201801APR171 Year 6 Months +10 Months
September 201801JUN162 Years 3 Months +1 Month
August 201801MAY162 Years 3 Months -2 Years 2 Months
July 2018CCurrentNo Change
June 2018CCurrentNo Change
May 2018CCurrentNo Change
April 2018CCurrentNo Change
March 2018CCurrentNo Change
February 2018CCurrentNo Change
January 2018CCurrentNo Change
December 2017CCurrentNo Change
November 2017CCurrentNo Change
October 2017CCurrentNo Change
September 2017CCurrentNo Change
August 2017CCurrentNo Change
July 2017CCurrentNo Change
June 2017CCurrentNo Change
May 2017CCurrentNo Change
April 2017CCurrentNo Change
March 2017CCurrentNo Change
February 2017CCurrentNo Change
January 2017CCurrentNo Change
December 2016CCurrentNo Change
November 2016CCurrentNo Change
October 2016CCurrentNo Change
September 2016CCurrentNo Change
August 2016CCurrentNo Change
July 2016CCurrentNo Change
June 2016CCurrentNo Change
May 2016CCurrentNo Change
April 2016CCurrentNo Change
March 2016CCurrentNo Change
February 2016CCurrentNo Change
January 2016CCurrentNo Change
December 2015CCurrentNo Change
November 2015CCurrentNo Change
October 2015CCurrentNo Change
September 2015CCurrentNo Change
August 2015CCurrentNo Change
July 2015CCurrentNo Change
June 2015CCurrentNo Change
May 2015CCurrentNo Change
April 2015CCurrentNo Change
March 2015CCurrentNo Change
February 2015CCurrentNo Change
January 2015CCurrentNo Change
December 2014CCurrentNo Change
November 2014CCurrentNo Change
October 2014CCurrentNo Change
September 2014CCurrentNo Change
August 2014CCurrentNo Change
July 2014CCurrentNo Change
June 2014CCurrentNo Change
May 2014CCurrentNo Change
April 2014CCurrentNo Change
March 2014CCurrentNo Change
February 2014CCurrentNo Change
January 2014CCurrentNo Change
December 2013CCurrentNo Change
November 2013CCurrentNo Change
October 2013CCurrentNo Change
September 2013CCurrentNo Change
August 2013CCurrentNo Change
July 2013CCurrentNo Change
June 2013CCurrentNo Change
May 2013CCurrentNo Change
April 2013CCurrentNo Change
March 2013CCurrentNo Change
February 2013CCurrentNo Change
January 2013CCurrentNo Change
December 2012CCurrentNo Change
November 2012CCurrentNo Change
October 2012CCurrentNo Change
September 2012CCurrentNo Change
August 2012CCurrentNo Change
July 2012CCurrentNo Change
June 2012CCurrentNo Change
May 2012CCurrentNo Change
April 2012CCurrentNo Change
March 2012CCurrentNo Change
February 2012CCurrentNo Change
January 2012CCurrentNo Change
December 2011CCurrentNo Change
November 2011CCurrentNo Change
October 2011C CurrentNo Change
September 2011CCurrentNo Change
August 2011C CurrentNo Change
July 2011C CurrentNo Change
June 2011C CurrentNo Change
May 2011CCurrentNo Change
April 2011CCurrentNo Change
March 2011CCurrentNo Change
February 2011CCurrentNo Change
January 2011CCurrentNo Change
December 2010CCurrentNo Change
November 2010CCurrentNo Change
October 2010CCurrentNo Change
September 2010CCurrentNo Change
August 2010CCurrentNo Change
July 2010CCurrentNo Change
June 2010CCurrentNo Change
May 2010CCurrentNo Change
April 2010CCurrentNo Change
March 2010CCurrentNo Change
February 2010CCurrentNo Change
January 2010CCurrentNo Change
December 2009CCurrentNo Change
November 2009CCurrentNo Change
October 2009CCurrentNo Change
September 2009C CurrentNo Change
August 2009CCurrentNo Change
July 2009CCurrentNo Change
June 2009CCurrentNo Change
May 2009CCurrentNo Change
April 2009CCurrentNo Change
March 2009CCurrentNo Change
February 2009CCurrentNo Change
January 2009CCurrentNo Change
December 2008CCurrentNo Change
November 2008CCurrentNo Change
October 2008CCurrentNo Change
September 2008CCurrentNo Change
August 2008CCurrentNo Change
July 2008CCurrentNo Change
June 2008CCurrentNo Change
May 2008CCurrentNo Change
April 2008CCurrentNo Change
March 2008CCurrentNo Change
February 2008CCurrentNo Change
January 2008CCurrentNo Change
December 2007CCurrentNo Change
November 2007CCurrentNo Change
October 2007CCurrent+9 Months
September 200701JAN07 8 Months Unavailable
August 2007UUnavailableUnavailable
July 2007CCurrentNo Change
June 2007CCurrentNo Change
May 2007CCurrentNo Change
April 2007CCurrentNo Change
March 2007CCurrentNo Change
February 2007CCurrentNo Change
January 2007CCurrentNo Change
December 2006CCurrentNo Change
November 2006CCurrentNo Change
October 2006CCurrentNo Change
September 2006CCurrentNo Change
August 2006CCurrentNo Change
July 2006CCurrentNo Change
June 2006CCurrentNo Change
May 2006CCurrentNo Change
April 2006CCurrentNo Change
March 2006CCurrentNo Change
February 2006CCurrentNo Change
January 2006CCurrentNo Change
December 2005CCurrentNo Change
November 2005CCurrentNo Change
October 2005CCurrentNo Change
September 2005CCurrentNo Change
August 2005CCurrentNo Change
July 2005CCurrentNo Change
June 2005CCurrentNo Change
May 2005CCurrentNo Change
April 2005CCurrentNo Change
March 2005CCurrentNo Change
February 2005CCurrentNo Change
January 2005CCurrentNo Change
December 2004CCurrentNo Change
November 2004CCurrentNo Change
October 2004CCurrentNo Change
September 2004CCurrentNo Change
August 2004CCurrentNo Change
July 2004CCurrentNo Change
June 2004CCurrentNo Change
May 2004CCurrentNo Change
April 2004C CurrentNo Change
March 2004CCurrentNo Change
February 2004CCurrentNo Change
January 2004CCurrentNo Change
December 2003CCurrentNo Change
November 2003CCurrentNo Change
October 2003C CurrentNo Change
September 2003C CurrentNo Change
August 2003C CurrentNo Change
July 2003CCurrentNo Change
June 2003CCurrentNo Change
May 2003CCurrentNo Change
April 2003CCurrentNo Change
March 2003C CurrentNo Change
February 2003CCurrentNo Change
January 2003CCurrentNo Change
December 2002CCurrentNo Change
November 2002CCurrentNo Change
October 2002CCurrentNo Change
September 2002CCurrentNo Change
August 2002CCurrentNo Change
July 2002CCurrentNo Change
June 2002CCurrentNo Change
May 2002CCurrentNo Change
April 2002CCurrentNo Change
March 2002CCurrentNo Change
February 2002CCurrentNo Change
January 2002CCurrentNo Change
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