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7/25/2015 6:10:37 PM
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Hello, I have an approved I-130 with a PD of March 21 2014 and when i sent in my I-485, it was rejected on the basis of the PD not being current and i have been trying to know when the dates will be current to no avail. Can some one let me know how to find out when the dates will be current?
7/27/2015 4:15:21 PM
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Hey, You can check priority dates in below URL. Department Of State will release visa bulletin every month around 10th. currently August bulletin is available, they release Sept bulletin sometime around 10th Aug. To understand whether your PD is current or not, you have to looks for category, for example, if you are applying under [F2A- spouse GC holder], then you have to look for dates under F2A category.If you are not part of either India, China, Philippines or Mexico, then you come under Rest of the World. If your Spouse is US Citizen, then your PD is always current. Per the current trend, your PD could be current either in November or Dec bulletin, it could move fast though. Thanks Haris

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