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On L2 visa - Partner in a LLC
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2/18/2014 3:39:44 AM
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Hi, I am a UK citizen and currently on a L2 visa working full-time. I would like to be a partner in travel agency with my sisters who are US citizens. Can I legally do this please? We will be forming a LLC. Also if I apply for H1b visa can I still be a partner in the business please? Many Thanks, Meg
3/5/2014 6:58:12 AM
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When you get H1 visa, you can legally only work for company which is sponsoring your H1 visa. What you could do is try to get visa (full time or part time only) from travel agency. This would allow you to legally work for this company. If you are on L2 visa and have EAD, you can legally work for any company. Typically L2 visa EAD is valid for 2 years only. You can renew EAD as long as you are in L2 visa.

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