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Will I need to provide 2013 Tax Return if filing I-864 in February 2014?
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1/19/2014 4:43:46 AM
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Hello everyone! We are waiting for our case number from the NVC, we are hoping to get it in a couple of weeks. We have some questions about the I-864. I do have 2010-2012 Tax Returns that I have e-filed and W-2's but have not begun the 2013 Tax Return as I am waiting for my wife's social security number when filing later this year (with an extension). Will the NVC ask for the 2013 tax return this early in the year prior to the April Tax Return cut off date?Or should we put 2012 as the most recent year for the tax return information? I do have my W-2 2013 and there are no issues getting a company letter from my employer / pay stubs to prove my income in 2013. Thank you in advance for any information!
1/23/2014 3:46:09 AM
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You can skip 2013 return, if you like. If they require it, they can issue an RFE.

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