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F2B vs F1 movement
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1/14/2014 5:32:48 PM
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Ive asked before but never got a clear answer. Why does F2B (sons and daughters of LPR) category consistently move 4-5+ weeks whereas F1 (sons and daughters of USC) category moves consistently only 3 weeks? I understand that demand is what drives the visa bulletin movements, but soon, assuming nothing changes, the wait for F2B will be less than the wait for F1, which means essentially, that the USCIS/NVC will give greater preference to children of LPR over children of their own US citizens... I am curious if this will be allowed to happen? Will USCIS/NVC adjust to prevent F2B from overtaking F1? I am wondering if Amazon can shed any historical perspective to whether this situation has happened in the past, and what, if anything, USCIS/NVC has done to address it. Thanks! Looking at the two links below, you can see how much faster F2B has been moving than F1. F1 movement over time: F2B movement over time:
1/23/2014 3:23:04 AM
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Yeah you are correct, it is basically a supply and demand issue. I am sure you are aware that F2B has a higher quota by around 3,000 visas per year. Due to this higher supply (and possibly lower demand), it moves much faster. USCIS have to give equal preference to all application. They cannot discriminate application for GC holder vs Citizen. I will be publishing a blog post about this in few days.

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