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Getting married with a green card holder
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12/31/2013 1:21:59 AM
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Hello, I am about to get my green card (hopefully I don't jinx myself) and do not plan to get married until a year or two. My girlfriend is French and has a J-1 visa (and should keep it for the next 2/3 years before transitionning to an H1B). If we get married next year, I understand that she can file for the GC as a dependent (F2A). The current PD is 09/2013. How long in average does it take to get the I-130 approved (for me in EB3 it took me about 3 months)? I read that overall it would take her 2 to 3 years to get the GC, but if I-130 is 3 months and processing time for I-485 is 3 to 6 months, it ends up being less that a year. Thoughts? Thanks and happy holidays!
1/13/2014 2:22:35 AM
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If you checkout the I-130 processing time, they are still processing cases with PD in 2011. However if you look in the GC tracker, they have approved the I-130 petition in few weeks. Similarly I-485 can take between 2 months (per GC tracker) to 5+ months. So the total duration can have a big range depending on various factors. BTW, I am guessing they approved your I-140 (not I-130) application.

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