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I-485 interview scheduled in previous city despite updating address within 10 days of moving
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12/15/2013 9:37:13 PM
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I had filed my I-485 application (PD Aug 5, 2013) for marriage based Green Card (F2A) when I was in Orlando, FL. I'm currently on H1B & moved to Jacksonville,FL in Oct for my job while my case status was in "Testing &Interview" phase. I had notified USCIS of the change in address within 10 days of my move. I had even confirmed this via phone calls & was also reflected in the Case Status online on their website. Now, I received an appointment for interview in Orlando office for next month. The interview mail was also sent to my old address but fortunately I had mail forwarding & got it at my new address. 1) I can easily go to Orlando office & give interview but I'm not sure if it will cause any complications since I no longer live there ? 2) Any suggestions/advise is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
12/17/2013 7:15:57 AM
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I would recommend calling USCIS and explain this to them. See if they are willing to move the interview to office which is nearby your location. If they do not do this, you have to go to the location specified. If the interviewer ask about it you can explain to them that you tried, but they did not move the location. This way you are covered.

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