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Green card portability when I have priority date and reapplying PERM process
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9/30/2013 5:20:55 PM
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Hi I have question. I work for a financial services company out in the New York office, they sponsored the green card application for me, and I have a priority date of Dec 2010. However I moved to San Francisco, so right now the company is re-applying for my PERM for me as I changed location and also role . I’m thinking of applying to another company in a different industry (tech) but in a similar role (account management). This company is a large tech company that sponsors H1Bs and Green cards. My question is, if I change jobs now, how would that affect my green card portability? Can I still retain the priority date from my old company? Please note that I’m currently still in the PERM process but I already have a priority date. Thanks very much.
10/1/2013 3:57:23 AM
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Typically you would have to start the perm process again with new company. You can retain old PD if the I-40 from old company is already approved (before you switched).

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