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Case returned to USCIS from NVC
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9/26/2013 10:23:41 PM
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Hi Guys, I got an email from NVC that they have returned my 1-130 approval package(Spouse of Legal Permanent Resident) back to USCIS. My beneficiary is in the USA and in a legal status. We filled 1-485 on August as the priority date for F2A was current. We had already filled i-130 in March 2013 so the I-130 was pending while we applied I-485. I have got my EAD approved last week and also have interview appointment scheduled for October 2013. I am wondering that this is the normal process for the case where beneficiary is residing in the US, as we did notify NVC that we had already applied for AOS and we don't want to go through Consular Processing. Can you guys share if you have/had any such experiences? Any thoughts wil be highly appreciated. @Amazon: Do you think it is a normal process or is there anything I need to worry about?
9/28/2013 7:51:31 PM
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Since you notified them that you would not be going through consular processing, they sent the file back to USCIS (which is normal).

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