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I-140 H1-B extention
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9/16/2013 10:27:58 PM
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[b]Background- [/b] - If you have approved I-140, You are entitled to get *infinite* years of H1-B extentions, even if you have changed Employer? [b]My Case-[/b] - PERM Approved from Previous Employer in 2009. - I-140 Approved from Previous Employer in 2010. - Resigned from Previous Employer in 2010 - Joined Current Employer after getting H1-B extention for 3 years, in 2010 (6 years of H1-B complete). - Now, H1-B term is expiring in 2013 again. (Being filed this month- 9 years of H1-B complete). [b]Q1-[/b] - Will there be any issue in getting further H1B extention for 3 years based on the I-140 approval got from the previous Employer. [b]Q2[/b] - Since PERM has *not* been filed afresh from the current Employer yet. [b]Q3[/b] - Any impact now? if my previous Employer has revoked/withdrawn my I-140 in the last 3 years. [b]Q4[/b] [b]- Is there any shared database or Source that can be used by the Atty to check if my I-140 (from previous Employer has been revoked/withdrawn or is it still Active? Or[/b] [b]Q5 [/b] - it doesn’t make any significance now since it has already been ported to my new Employer. (called AC-21 ?) Thanks Much!!! Shaun
9/18/2013 6:20:50 AM
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Your new company lawyer should be able to help answer all these questions. Did you get a chance to talk to the lawyers? Also see this:

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