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F1 movement prediction - November and beyond
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9/11/2013 4:41:05 PM
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Greetings Amazon, Firstly, thank you for the awesome work you have done on the blog, your analysis and insight on each bulletin is very helpful. I have a friend who's priority date is March 2007 (ukraine). It seems the cutoff dates have been moving slowly (~14 days) the last two months (although August moved 3 months). I know your past (and current) predictions have been that we can expect movement between 1-5 weeks per month for the F1 category. However, given the fact that the NVC has wasted many FB visa's in the past years, and the large 3 month movement in August, do you forsee any similar large movements forward for F1 category in the coming 6 months? And on that same note, any possibility of retrogression? Thanks again for all your work!
9/12/2013 5:28:19 AM
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Since fiscal year ends on September, the July to September VB have the largest movement. Since we are currently on October VB, there is not likely to be very fast forward movement in F1 category (unless demand is unusually low).

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