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Contacted by NVC. But not ready as yet!!!
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9/7/2013 7:34:38 AM
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Hi guys, NVC contacted me by email.I am supposed to make online payment for affidavit of support and confirm my spouse's address before the can further process my case and schedule my interview. Problem is, my wife is due to leave my home country in a week and i dont want her to have to travel all the way back for her interview. When i contacted them, NVC requested for proof of her residence in the new country (permit for up to 6mths stay). I can only get that from immigrations when she arrives next week. Im just a bit worried we might lose our 'current' status by the end of the month. our PD is Nov. 29, 2012. [i][b]Does anyone know roughly how long it takes for NVC to schedule an interview after you fulfill their requirements? What are the odds of our getting an interview date before this year runs out? [/b][/i] your input is much appreciated as always

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