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Q14 on I-130, Date and place of admission adjustment to LPR
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LPR filer
9/4/2013 12:18:21 AM
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Two questions on filling I-130. I'm preparing the paperwork for concurrent filing of I-130, 485, 765 & 131. I'm a LPR, petitioning for my spouse and also applying for AOS as my wife is in US on H-1B. I received my green card few years ago and it has category as E26. (EB2) How do I answer this question on I-130, as to place of admission? 14. If you are a lawful permanent resident alien, complete the following: Date and [u][b]place of admission[/b][/u] for or adjustment to lawful permanent residence and class of admission. The date and category are on Green Card, but I was already in US on H-1B when I received my Green Card....I have been out of US multiple times both before (on H-1B) and after receiving Green Card. Should I use the location of service center that issued my Green card or the last POE just before I received my permanent residency card. Next question is, regarding Q 19 on I-130. 19. Your relative's [b]address [u]abroad[/u][/b]. (Include street, city, province and country) Should I fill this with my wife's home country address even if she is here in US and working on H-1B? or just say none. Just concerned if the case will be transfered to NVC by mistake if they see a foreign address on file.... Thanks in advance.
9/4/2013 8:06:43 AM
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For section 14, You can enter the date and place your I-485 was approved OR the date and place you first arrived in the US on an immigrant visa. Just the name of city is sufficient, address is not required. For section 19, you can enter your wifes home country address. Her current place of residence can be found in question 13, 14 and 15.

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