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ECI (Environmental Contributor Immigrants) Category Visa
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Sameer Mehta
7/26/2022 4:55:26 PM
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Category: F4 India
Hello All, I firmly believe that USCIS is supposed to introduce ECI Immigration Visa Category. You might have heard about Environmental Lovers but its time to admire Environmental Contributors. Basically a women with 0 or 1 Child is supposed to consider under ECI Immigrant and her 1 child and 1 partner are the associate beneficiary. The idea is to voluntarily limit human reproduction as human over population is a single most threat to the Environment. Here women can play lead role with support of her partner. Supposed, 8 female 8 male = 16 members (8 pair) stick to 1 child policy for their next 2 generation then 16 members will become 8 and 8 will become 4 (assuming equal male-female combination) members. Despiste of high number visa issues to such ECI individuals, their over all population won't increase in the USA. ECI category is a win win situation for insider-outsiders. It just requires proper module to execute the plan with necessary terms and conditions. Look forward to see first Country in the world who may introduced such Immigration reforms from Environment Protection stand point. Along with Good talk in Environmental Forum. Thanks Sameer Mehta [email protected]

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