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Im F3 family based immgration.
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8/25/2013 5:56:50 PM
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any one help Im F3 family based immgration. my loyer send all required scanner to nvc such as affidavit of support, passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, police certificate and photograph.. after that he fill DS-260. after 17 business day, i recived checklist cover letter, ask the same required above, they say that: We have reviewed the documents which you submitted in support of an application for an immigrant visa. Please review the information listed under each applicant's name and provide any documents which are indicated as missing or need additional information. You must submit the required information. Failure to provide the requested information will delay your immigrant visa interview. what means please help me, my loyer in usa, i cant contect with him, and my father is old man.
8/25/2013 9:37:36 PM
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It means that either (1) lawyer did not send all required documents or (2) documents he sent were outdated. Swe has posted list of document required for filing I-130 in link below. The letter from USCIS will list which all documents are missing. Since your lawyer is not responding, you can directly send those to USCIS. If you need any help in filling forms, feel free to post. There are lots of people here who have submitted I-130 application and can help.

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