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8/25/2013 1:56:05 PM
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I received an email.... Dear Sir/Madam: Thank you for your inquiry. The National Visa Center has not received your petition from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Please scan and email your I-797 or I-171 Notice of Action to [email protected] Type the receipt number in the subject line of your email. We will contact USCIS on your behalf to find your petition. If your I-797 or I-171 Notice of Action does not indicate USCIS approved your petition and sent it to the Department of State, please contact USCIS for a status update. AFTERWARDS I RECEIVED A LETTER THAT I NEED TO ACCOMPLISH THE FORM G325A...I HAVE 30 DAYS TO ACCOMPLISHED THIS FORM....WHAT'S THE BEST THING TO DO?[confused] :'( I RECEIVED THE NOTICE OF INTENT TO DENY IF NOT ACCOMPLISHED THE FORM WITH IN 30 days
8/25/2013 9:34:15 PM
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Your lawyer may not have sent the G325A form when submitting the I-130 application. Swe has posted list of document required for filing I-130 in link below. You can check that and see if you sent all of those documents. For G325A, you will have to hurry and submit that form in 30 days from the notice date on that paper. Here is the link:

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