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winners (Sudan)
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2/8/2020 10:03:00 AM
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We hope to help of the winners (Sudan) in Lottery Lottery 2019 and until now their travel procedures have not been completed due to the presence of a specific schedule with a specific time to complete the procedures ... Previously the last time to obtain a visa was 09-30, but now after the ban the last time to obtain a visa is 21-2 The duration is totally inadequate ... We hope that you will consider with consideration the psychological and family circumstances that result in the winners not being able to enter the dreamland.
3/30/2020 11:43:42 PM
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Hi My petition was submitted on Nov 2 2015 and it's was approved on December 2 2015 and I don't know when my priority date will be and NVC have not contacted me for processing. Plz kindly help out on this

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