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India PD EB1C Sep 2018 - Will I be able to file 485 by Oct 2019?
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4/18/2019 3:16:30 AM
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Hi, My India PD EB1C Sep 2018 - Will I be able to file 485 by Oct 2019? As per the GC Calculator it predicts Sep 2019 as the date for me to file the 485. I ask this because - My 7 years of L1A get over in March 2022 - I am planning for a trip to India. So I was thinking to go this summer to India and then stay grounded in US for the next couple of years after filing 485. However I plan for this trip only if 485 filing will be this year. Also I need to make this trip to get my marriage certificate (as I am told presence of both husband and wife is required in India to obtain marriage certificate) Please help with your insights on my projected filing date based on my PD. Thanks much for reading my post
6/13/2019 1:22:44 PM
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You can travel on your L-1 even after your file I-485. So you can travel without issue until March 2022. Only time you might not be able to travel is after your L1 expires and you don't have EAD/AP yet from underlying I-485 petition.

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