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Leave USA while advance parole application pending
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12/25/2018 2:44:43 PM
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Hello, My alien spouse is in the USA now, with a change of status + green card application pending, as well as an application for advance parole. I'm the US citizen and I am employed abroad by an American company. We've applied for expedited review of the advance parole application (on the grounds of severe financial loss), with no response nearly 2 months later. The advance parole application has been pending since July 26, so 5 months. I've been informed by someone who works at USCIS that current wait times are at least 7 months, with extra scrutiny given to nationals of my spouse's home country. We have no intention to live in the USA within the next 5 years, as I will continue to be employed abroad. So, when my spouse leaves the USA, it's not imperative that he be able to return immediately, or that he be able to return as a resident. The only thing keeping him in the USA is that we don't want to abandon the green card application, and lose the nearly $2000 worth of fees. But our financial situation is hard, and we are worn down from being separated. So, given our situation, if he left the USA before receiving the advance parole document, is there a chance his green card application would move forward without being considered abandoned? How can we decrease the likelihood that the application would be considered abandoned? Thanks

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