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EB2 - India Priority Dates prediction for FY14
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8/16/2013 3:52:23 AM
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Hi I wanted to ask question about Priority Date (PD) movement for EB2 India in FY14. How far will it go ahead in next Sept/Oct 2014 considering all porting and spillovers? I have my I140 approved and my PD is May 2010. I know this date is way ahead and I do not expect the date to go close to 2010 in FY14 but I want to change my job in next month which will involve starting green card all over again. So is it safe to change the job right now for May 2010 PD so by the time I am done again with new LC and I-140, I do not miss PD if it moves ahead. Thanks Saurabh
8/16/2013 6:53:08 AM
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The actual movement for EB2 India in FY 2014 will depend on spillovers from FB category in FY 2013 and EB spillovers in FY 2014. Since we are still in FY 2013, it is too early to estimate the EB2 India movement in July - Sept 2014. You can start the process again with new employer. You will be able to retain your old PD if I140 is approved.

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