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I-485 issues
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9/6/2018 3:33:11 PM
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I am in a situation which is little confusing. I got confusing answers from lawyers. Some of them they say i should have said Yes and given the details some say it's ok to say NO. Q61 Q62 about public assistance." Have you ever received public assistance in US in any source" My spouse and kids born here had taken Food stamp, Nutrition benefit and subsidized helath insurance for almost 2yrs after the birth of kids as my income level met the criteria and as of today salary has been increased so they no longer are enrolled in these benefits. Since I have already mentioned "NO" referring the where Food stamp(non cash assistance, WIC and medicaid are Non-cash or special-purpose cash benefits that are generally supplemental in nature and do not make a person primarily dependent on the government for subsistence. Therefore, past, current, or future receipt of these benefits do not impact a public charge determination. Do you think I need to clarify this to IO in the beginning of Interview or wait for the IO to get to part 13 to swear the oath and put clarification saying there has been error whether to say Yes or No. Also when asked Q61 do i say NO and clarify it or Say Yes and clarify there was an error.

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