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Help Please !!! EB2:India - May 2011 priority Date - What is BEST probable date to be current?
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7/16/2018 1:42:57 AM
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Hello - I need your help!!!!!!! Collective knowledge of this group is amazing and I need help here. I have I-140 pending on EB2 - India with priority date of May 2011. Company just recently filled under EB3 as well due to more movement in that category I have opportunity to take international assignment for 1 year or so and come back on L1 visa. But, it involves some risk and family issues to deal with. In order to make decision, I need to understand what is the BEST DATE PROBABLE when May 2011 for either EB2/EB3 India for final decision becomes current? Is it May 2020, July 2021....?? This is going to weight heavily in my decision to either take the international assignment or not. Please help!!!!! You will be doing me a big favor!!
8/24/2018 5:41:44 PM
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Hard to calculate. After the retrogression of EB2 last month, USCIS's provided an update that in Sep 2018, EB2 PD will come back to 15 Mar 2009 and then it will progress upto 2 weeks month by month. if you work with that information then your PD is approximately 25 months away. With 2 weeks of advancement/month, you are looking for 50 months, so 4 years for yourself to be current.

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