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Attorney filed PERM in EB3 which needed to files in EB2 category
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5/2/2016 1:54:48 AM
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Hi, My attorney filed my PERM in EB3 category because the HM gave the job requirements for the EB3 category. The HR did a mistake and misread my manager's sent job requirement and filed it for EB3 category where my manager sent the job requirement which qualified me for Eb2 category. Now, when I found out, I am pushing them to file the PERM in EB2. I want to know to what are my options to get the PERM filed in EB2? Is there a way to withdraw the EB3 PERM and file it fresh EB2? Any response will be appreciated. Thanks, AK
8/16/2018 3:39:45 PM
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Maybe is better that you use a good immigration lawyer

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