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Thanks so much Amazon...I've been recommending your site to friends and family.
Also, my flight to South America for 2.5 months is this Friday, and I just want to be at peace that the i551 is solid for my reentry. I am also bringing along my Welcome Notice just in case.

Thank you
Another question if it's ok...

At the Infopass, the officer gave me an appointment to do another biometrics. It was scheduled May 28 but I walked in to the site right after the appointment and they did it for me. Do I need to do anything else? I already emailed TSC about it and the status of the GC now is Card Production (changed from Decision 2 days after I sent the email).

Thank you so much
Thank you Amazon you're very helpful.
thank you.

I did go to the Infopass appointment yesterday and the officer found that it was a problem with the fingerprinting (which is weird coz I already have my EAD/advance parole combo card). So he gave me another biometrics schedule and told me to email the Texas Service Center after it's done. I also asked for a stamped i551 and he gave me one that's good for 6 months (valid until Nov. 10). I walked in to have my biometrics done right after Infopass and emailed TSC a few hours after.

Hope you don't mind me asking another question:
I have a trip coming up at the end of this month to go to South America for 3 months. My question is will I have problems when I come back? will I have complications if I go to the trip without waiting for my physical greed card?
my permanent residence was approved feb 13 and got the welcome letter one week after.
until now my green card is still NOT in production and i called 1 month ago and had a response that it will be mailed in 60 days (another 60 days). I called again last week and the agent said he will again write a letter to the immigration officer. I have an Infopass schedule tomorrow (which i have to fly to Chicago), should i do that or i just have to wait for a response from that last phone call/letter? is there a difference in outcome if i go for an infopass appearance? Thanks
I got it. thanks much catx.
I filed for adjustment of status 9/6/13 (as soon as my priority date became current, EB3 Philippines).
on 1/22/14, I called USCIS because it's already outside the normal processing time and got an email in response on 1/30/14:
"Your case is currently pending. All cases are worked in the order they are
received. If you do not receive a decision or other notice of action from us
within 6 months of this letter, please contact customer service at the number
provided below."
I'm an RN working under H1B since 2009. so 2 questions: Am I correct to assume that my case is preadjucated? When he says "in the order they are received", does he mean first come first serve? Because I thought preadjucated means they go by priority dates. my PD is 11/20/2006.
Thanks, your answer is appreciated.
I filed 9/6/13, fingerprinting done on 10/1/13.
also TSC, and no GC yet until now.
I contacted USCIS and I got an email 10 days after saying my case is pending and to contact them if there is no activity after 6 months.
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