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We got in touch with NVC, apparently its taking a little longer than normal to process letters, but the interview date is scheduled and the letter should come soon.
So finally my friends PD is current as of July 2014 VB, and we expected to receive a letter almost 2 weeks ago, but have not.

Amazon, do you have any thoughts as to why we have not received an interview letter yet?

Category F1 ROW
PD 22MAR07
Country/Consulate: Kiev, Ukraine

Seems most people get theirs between the 28th-4th of the month prior to bulletin being released. Tried calling NVC all last week, busy signal (total time trying to contact NVC by phone = 8+ hrs).
This post deleted - thought you were refering to family based immigration
Yeah its disappointing your husbands PD retrogressed, but hopefully in the next coming months there will be forward movement again (i think cutoff date for F2a is currently May 12, so youll need the date to move forward 7 months before he is current again)

Good luck
  Topic: July Bulletin
Re: medical - not sure, but there is a specific place you must go for your medical exam (you just cant go to any doctor), which is listed on the interview letter.

Once you get your interview letter, youll have between 2 weeks to 1 month before your scheduled interview, so youll have plenty of time to take care of medical within that span.

Good luck
  Topic: July Bulletin
Hard to say if it will move in July. Amazon posted July bulletin predictions on this site (http://blog.mygcvisa.com/2014/05/july-2014-visa-bulletin-predictions.html)

Amazon doesnt think it will move forward in July BUT Amazon isnt always right (no one can really predict movement to 100% certainty, only educated guesses).

Good luck

The wait time for your interview depends on a number of factors:

1) are you a US citizen or LPR? (green card holder)
2) is priority date current

If you are a US citizen then scheduling an interview for your husband should not take too long (1 month?)

If you are a LPR then your husband needs to wait for his priority date to become current before he can get an interview. The wait time for this will be until the priority date becomes current. You can check the monthly visa bulletin for cutoff dates each month. These dates differ depending on what category your husband is in, but I am guessing if you are a LPR then he is F2A category.

You can check the monthly visa bulletin at the state department website (google "visa bulletin").

Good luck.
  Topic: July Bulletin
Need to know what category you are, and what your PD is. June 27th of what year?
If you have an interview scheduled, you should be fine. A google search can help you find out what questions they are likely to ask (search 'consular interview questions' for instance).

All of your financial documents must be brought to your interview appointment. Your interview appointment letter should explain all of this, including what documents you need to provide. If you do not bring all required documents, you may not receive your visa. You can always email the embassy if you have questions regarding preparation for your interview.
Guess the interview will be in late june/early july, assuming F1 doesnt stop or retrogress... we have our fingers crossed.
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