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  Topic: July Bulletin
Originally Posted by: walfredo 

Re: medical - not sure, but there is a specific place you must go for your medical exam (you just cant go to any doctor), which is listed on the interview letter.

Once you get your interview letter, youll have between 2 weeks to 1 month before your scheduled interview, so youll have plenty of time to take care of medical within that span.

Good luck

Thank you. So if the visa bulletin says, 1st of October all F2A is current. I could in theory have my interview and medical done within 1 month?

It's just been so long and I am so close to completing all this, such a shame they retrogressed 1 month prior to my PD date.

  Topic: July Bulletin
Man, I just need it to move forward by 1 month. Let's hope Amazon and everyone is surprised and they move it forward maybe 2 months.

Will they allow medicals to take place without a current pd?
  Topic: July Bulletin
F2A, June 2012.
  Topic: July Bulletin
Hi Amazon,

What do you think will happen for July? My PD is June 27th, all my files are with the NVC. I just waiting on a medical and interview. Do you think it might move forward in July??


Originally Posted by: happywife 

amazon , just curious ... so happy for those approved ones... but why is it the approval is so random? bec there's still 2011 filers waiting for noa2? what's the sense of having pd?

This is what I was thinking. I have a PD of June 2012, if retrogression happens in Oct, where does that leave me? People in late 2012 have been approved and some in 2013 but some of 2011 and 2012 nothing. They really shouldn't be approving randomly, it should be done via PD date. I feel sorry for those in 2011.
I know a lot of people who have a NOA2 from 2012, a lot of people have PD after mine (June 2012). So it seems they are just randomly picking people in 2012. I wish they did it by date but it doesn't seem that way.

Hopefully they can clear this backlog and everyone gets approved.
That is super early for an approval. Mine is June 2012, still nothing.

I am hoping this coming month in August I get approved.

Congrats and enjoy the journey.
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