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I got a interview scheduled on the last week of October. Does the interview get scheduled until you dont respond to RFE ????? I am so much confused and a lil bit scared to call. May be they will put the case on further hold if I call? I dont know. Please help.
yeah they did tell me that they will re-dispatch the RFE again to the new address. But instead after a week the status updated to address changed and then a week after it changed to interview and testing. Is it possible that they cancelled the RFE afterall or do I need to call them and ask about it?? I am really confused.
anybody in the same boat or any idea?
We had a RFE issued on the last week of August which we did not recieve. We had a service request and I also had the address for the I-485 changed. They told that they will re-issue the RFE to the new address after the service request was approved. After two weeks the case status suddenly changes to Testing and Interview? Dont we need to see the RFE?? Did they decide not to further push on the RFE? Amazon Please help.
Thankx amazon but I have one more question. would not it be cheating them because she doesnt really live here and goes to school in a different state. We are really worried about it. We did not intend that way but it just happened.What should we do?
My spouse and me we go to school in different state. I was staying at her place during summer and we got married, I came back and hence changed my address. She also changed her address in I-485 to mine because we did not recieve I-130 reciept and RFE in that address. Just to avoid the chance of losing that letters, we changed her address to mine as well. Now how big will the problem be if she doesnt really live here but change her address to mine? She plans to come on holidays though. Please help. Do I need to hire a lawyer for the case?
A service request was placed and they told me that it will take about a month before the RFE can be issued again. Is this normal for other cases????? So it means I will have to wait for about 45 days just to get the RFE and may be 10 more days to respond to it. I also changed my address before the service request. How does this delay my case so much. They also told that NBC is having a major delay at the moment.
No that is not the case either, I received the notice for biometric, reciept for I-485 and i-765 in the same address but not the receipt for I-130 and the RFE. My case status for I-130 now says "On August 29, 2013, the post office returned the notice we last sent you on this case I130 IMMIGRANT PETITION FOR RELATIVE, FIANCE(E), OR ORPHAN as undeliverable. This may have serious effects on processing this case. Please call 1-800-375-5283 to update your mailing address for this notice to be re-sent."
I have my case status as RFE issued on aug 27 but have not recieved it yet. I did not recieve the I-130 reciept and my case status on I-130 says it was returned from the post office on aug 29. I contacted the post office but they say they dont have any mails. I am so worried what to do about it. Any suggestions please?
it would be better to stay in status. There would be no place to fall back to if the petetion is denied.
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