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Thats exactly what my wife did, came here on ESTA while we wait.
In this case you just have to be extremely careful, there is a possibility they might turn her back at the boarder protection.
On one hand they can see that there is a pending case, with the intention to immigrate, but since she is on ESTA (visitor visa) that only shows that she doesn't have any intention to immigrate. so this could be tricky...
if you guys go this way just make sure she's got the papers from her work place in Europe, a flight ticket back home just simply be prepared.

I hate to give you bad news, but you just have to wait it out. I am absolutely sure you guys will be approved soon, they are working very fast and the visa bulletin is current for your PD.
We are very lucky this year.
I also talked to my congressman months ago before we got approved, (who actually happened to be a very good friend of mine and he used to be head of Homeland Security) but even him couldn't make any progress on my case.
Talking to Uscis will not help you either, you can try to talk to a Tier 2. Officer, but I wouldn't recommend that either, you don't want to piss them off :)
The best advice I can give you is to check your status every day, your day will come very soon.
I know it's frustrating and a lot of us are in the same shoes, but it looks like pretty much everybody will be approved in the very near future.
All the Best and be patient.

F2A category: 08SEP13
Yeaaaaaa :)
so if you already got approved, you are not gonna run out of time.
Great news everybody!!!
(Dancing) oyyyeeeee

F2A category: 08SEP13
Yeaaaaaa :)
so if you already got approved, you are not gonna run out of time.
Great news everybody!!!
(Dancing) oyyyeeeee

Anybody any idea how fast they set up the interview after USCIS approval? (F2A-Consular processing)
Do they ask you to pay the fee and send documents in first - and then get the interview date, or they just set it up right away?
They will contact us.
Thanks Amazon, that will be a great help for a lot of us.
Since your PD was January, you ll be fine.
In October the PD will go back to around November 2012.
So you guys should get the card in the next 5-6 month no matter what. At least thats what i think based on the numbers and info available at this point.
If you get the interview date in September, there is a good chance you ll get it this year.
Well, its gonna be a close one for us i think.
If we are a little lucky, they ll set up an interview in september when PD is still current.
If not, that sucks for us...
It all depends on how fast they transfer our case to NVC and how fast they create our file over there.
Could be a few weeks, maybe over 8 weeks, but we only have time until the end of september.
After that we'll have to wait for out PD to be current again.
Lets wait and see how it goes.
What are the usual supporting document that they ask for at NVC?

I guess these we will need:
-affidavit of support
-tax return copies
-bank statement I guess
-maybe a copy of a car title or any other major possession?
-do we need to send all other documents again, like birth certificate marriage certificate etc. ?

If I am not mistaken as soon as they contact us we will have to pay a fee online, send all documents they ask for, and then they will set up an interview at the embassy.
Prior to that the beneficiary will have to get a certain medical examination at an authorized doctor's office.
What about the biometric scanning? is it at the embassy on the interview date or prior to the interview?

We just got approved today!!!!!!
I will update my status on the tracker.
I think I m gonna celebrate tonight 🙂
I hope everybody else will get the approval pretty soon.
Best of Luck to everybody!

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