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Hi Amazon and all

NVC replied to my email - they said that they have noted that the Principal App will adj status in USA and they ill keep the case pending till the time USCIS requests it from them.
So I suppose its a waiting time now - we will file for Adj of Status asa the PD is current
Hi amazon

Thanks for the info- we looked at the page to get the info pass- there we have a give a reason why she wants to meet an official and there seems to be nothing catering to our reason- can u help- what reason should she give.
Also I wrote to NVC ( as was given in their email to me as I am the petitioner- they have written that I need to inform them if the beneficiary will do an adj. of status) but no reply as yet from them. It's been a week now

Please advise

Thanks amazon

But in my daughters case I remember when I filed the I 130 I chose counselor processing- in 2006 I was not sure whether she would be in the US when the visa number got current. Now it so happens that she is on h1b visa. And she is in USA
Obviously the case has gone to NVC - and from their email it's evident that they understand that it's possible that the principal applicant might already be in USA.
And that's why they want me to inform NVC that we will go for adj of status.
My problem is that I have already called NVC and told them, also written an email informing them.
But how do I know for sure that NVC has transferred the case back to USCIS?

Dear Friends
My daughter is in the F2B Cat. with a PD of June 2006.
We got emails that the case in now due for further processing. The sent links for payment of Aff. of Support fee bill and Choice of Agent form.
And it also said that if the Principal App. wants to Adj status wth the USCIS then let the NVC know before taking any forther action.

Now I called the NVC and USCIS - both did not give me a clear ans.- NVC said ask USCIS what to do, and USCIS said ask NVC

I have written an email to NVC

What action should we take? the PD in Aug visa bulletin for [email protected] is Dec 2005

  Topic: F2B

But I think once the line speeds up all cases will get cleared very fast
  Topic: F2B
Any members under the F2b category?
My daughters PD is June 2006 - they the F2B line is expected to progress there may be some good news😁

We could share info here
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