Monday, October 21, 2013 9:56:01 PM
i just had my i-130 interview this morning!

it was really bad :((

officer looks like middle of 30 years old spanish guy and i did all general things

first then he started asked me about my ex-wife, how i got divorced and how i met and

wanted me to show him all evidence about my ex-wife.

so i showed him, apartment contract, joint bank account, joint car insureance, joint

gym membership contract,joint 2years tax file, joint credit card, marriage pic(only 2

because i didnt keep it since i got seperated), then he said it is not enough evidence,

and he said that he will give me another chance to have interview and wanted me to get

more evidence, then i asked him what kind of evidence i must get for more detail then he said its up to you... i got really mad.. becasue there are nothing i can get more.. honestly..

then he started asking me about my current wife, like how we met, when, what types visa she had while she is in US(my wife is in my country now and we are doing consulate processing [email protected])

and i give him all answer,,, then he said say happy birthday to your wife, today was my wife`s b-day.. anyways..

then he said he will mail to me and my lawer decison soon but never said when...

do you think i will pass or not..?????

im having really hard time now...

how long it will take to get answer from USCIS????

so painful.....:(((
Monday, October 21, 2013 10:30:55 PM
You mentioned that officer said that he will ask you for another interview. Did you follow up on that and asked him at the end of the interview?

You can also call up USCIS and see what the status shows on their computer. It may take few days for their computer to have latest data.

BTW, you can add this interview details in your case data comments sections (at bottom of the case details).
Please remember to add your case to the GC tracker: http://www.mygcvisa.com/tracker 
Monday, October 21, 2013 10:54:08 PM
very begging of interview, office told me that evidence is not enough and asked me bring more evidence.. but not exactly mentioned about second interview..

and end of interview, office said that they will send me a decision asap.

thats all..

hmmmmmm.... :(

Monday, October 21, 2013 10:55:11 PM
i feel like they are playing with me...... i had so bad felling.. at their office...

he was pushing me down.. until hell..

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