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  Topic: Why no NOA1??
Hi All,

I submitted two I-130 petitions, one for my husband and one for my daughter, which were received by the Chicago Lockbox on 2 July. They have taken payment for both petitions already.

I completed a G-1145 e-Notification form for both petitions. We live in Vietnam, so I am not expecting to receive a hardcopy of the NOA1 yet as the post here is slow and unreliable. However, I understand that most people receive a text message and/or email as requested by their G-1145 usually within about 6 days, and 10 days at most.

I checked the USCIS website and they say that if you have not received the NOA1 within 10 days of their receipt of the I-130, then to email them at [email protected] to enquire or call the National Customer Service Center at (800) 375-5283. I have sent the email and have had no response so far. I also tried to call the number, but it was not possible to get through to a person. I was calling from 8am Chicago time for several hours, but the message kept telling me to call back between 8am and 6pm Mon-Fri, which I already was. I was following the options of 1-2-2 once in the call.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get through to USCIS to get a response on this?

Many thanks.
Hi All,

I have dual USA and UK citizenship, but was born and brought up in the UK. I have never lived in the USA.

I am seeking to move to the USA with my husband and daughter soon. They are both British citizens.

The I-130 instructs request for my situation copies of the following documents:

1. My USA passport
2. Certificate of Naturalisation
3. Report of Birth Abroad

I only have a USA passport. I was born in the countryside in the UK and my Mum (through whom I have US citizenship) did not travel to London to register my birth abroad. For some reason I don't have have a naturalisation certificate either. My mum has recently passed away so I cannot ask her whether she ever got me one or not, and why not. I only remember going to get my US passport when I was about 11 years old and having to go through some small interview, the doing the pledging allegance speech.

I am concerned then that my I-130 petition for my husband and daughter will be rejected without these two documents, even though I am clearly a citizen since I have a passport. Can anyone share their experience or knowledge of whether I would actually be rejected without these or whether they would process anyway with just my passport as evidence of my citizenship.

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