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  1. US Immigration agency to more closely monitor caseworkers, documents show  Washington Post
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  1. Fight over US spending bill rekindles immigration debate  Reuters
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  1. US immigration agency to more closely monitor caseworkers  Santa Fe New Mexican
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  1. Immigration Agency's Latest California Focus Hits San Diego  U.S. News & World Report
  2. Couple in US illegally killed speeding away from agents  FOX 46 Charlotte
  3. 108 Arrested in 3-Day Immigration Operation in San Diego County  NBC 7 San Diego
  4. San Diego ICE office arrests 115 unauthorized immigrants in 3-day operation  The San Diego Union-Tribune
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  1. These photos show a decade of the immigration debate from every angle  Quartz
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  1. Illegal immigrant turns himself in to ICE following deadly hit-and-run car crash, report says  Fox News
  2. Suspect in Traffic Death Surrenders to Immigration Agents  U.S. News & World Report
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  1. US Detains Yet Another Immigrant Rights Activist  Human Rights Watch
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  1. US Census Bureau: Immigration Will Drive US Population to Over 400 Million by 2060  NumbersUSA
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  1. Clarification: California Adviser-Immigrant Story  U.S. News & World Report
  2. Lawyer in US illegally gets California statewide appointment  KCRA Sacramento
  3. In a first, an undocumented immigrant is appointed to a statewide post in California  Washington Post
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  1. US immigration spokesman resigns  Arkansas Online
  2. The Latest: US official lambastes California on immigration  ABC News
  3. In California, Trump Examines Mexico Border Wall Designs  U.S. News & World Report
  4. Abolishing ICE is the radical idea America needs to be talking about | Will Bunch
  5. Trump Uses California Trip to Double Down on Immigration Fight  Bloomberg
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  1. Cuts to Skilled Immigration Degrade a US Strength  Bloomberg
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  1. Reach, and overreach, in US actions on immigrants  The Boston Globe
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  1. Immigration Under Trump: By the Numbers  U.S. News & World Report
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  1. It's Time to be Honest About Stephen Miller, Whose Radical Vision of US Immigration Is Spreading  Rewire
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  1. US government denies Afghanistan War veteran's bid for citizenship due to felony conviction  Chicago Tribune
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  1. A US soldier's story links WWII, the Holocaust and immigration  Stars and Stripes
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  1. Immigrants sue US over end to temporary protected status  Chicago Tribune
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  1. These GOP lawmakers say it's okay for imprisoned immigrants to work for a $1 a day  Washington Post
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  1. US Immigration spokesman resigns over 'misleading' claims on California arrests  The Independent
  2. California ICE spokesman quits, accuses Trump administration of fake news  USA TODAY
  3. San Francisco ICE spokesman quits amid dispute over illegal immigrants evading arrest  Fox News
  4. San Francisco's ICE spokesman quits, disputes agency's claim that 800 eluded arrest  SFGate
  5. ICE spokesman resigns, citing fabrications by agency chief, Sessions about California immigrant arrests  Washington Post
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  1. Data from Texas show that US-born Americans commit more rape and murder than immigrants  Quartz
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