Demand Data For November 2013 Visa Bulletin has been released. Please see details below:


Published On: October 9, 2013

They also added the following note for November 2013 demand data:

1. The FY 2013 Employment annual limits were reached prior to the end of September, and no further allocation of numbers was possible after that time. Offices continued to process Employment cases, submitted them in the normal manner, and such cases were then held in the Visa Office’s “Pending Demand” file. All eligible cases were then allocated Employment-based numbers on October 1, 2013, under the FY 2014 annual limits.

2. Information received from USCIS indicates that the amount of I-485 adjustment of status applications already filed in the Employment Third preference (on which USCIS has not yet finalized action) for countries other than India and the Philippines exceed the numbers currently available under the INA guidelines.

These filings are the result of the cut-off dates for those countries having been advanced by over three years since April. Such demand must be considered in the determination of the monthly cut-off dates to prevent any unnecessary fluctuation in those dates.

3. The imposition of cut-off dates for some categories/countries has limited the amount of applicants who have been able to file for adjustment of status with USCIS, and such applicants would not be included in the above totals. In addition, new applicants are constantly becoming eligible for processing in categories for which cutoff dates do not apply, or for a category other than that which they initially filed for status.

Therefore, the above totals should not be interpreted to reflect the total universe of applicant demand. These totals only represent the amount of demand which was taken into consideration during the determination of new dates.

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Also See:

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