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Late registered birth of child
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1/25/2014 4:01:06 AM
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Hi amazon! I would like to ask you some questions. I was case completed last Jan.2,2014 and now waiting for interview schedule. I just wanted to settle an issue regarding my child's birth certificate. It was late registered. And i found out that during the interview the CO will ask for the baptismal certificate. I can't provide my child's baptismal certificate because we're not catholic. How would i fix this problem. I don't want any delays. Please help me. Thankyou so much!
2/6/2014 2:54:31 AM
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I am not sure about this. From whom did you hear the certificate is MANDATORY for the interview? I havent heard of this before (asking applicant for religious certificate). If they ask you, you can simply tell them you are not catholic and hence cannot provide this certificate.

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