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Mistake on I 864
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1/24/2014 7:19:15 PM
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Hi Amazon, I have filed petition by myself and made some errors on I-864. My wife has not worked on 2012 and her parents filed taxes including her as dependent. I got married on 2013 and filed petition on September 2013. From 2013 my wife has started working. Issue: On I-864, i mentioned current household income of 2013(including my income also). For 2012,2011 and 2010 i included my income.I also included my tax document and tax document of my wife for 2012(in which she is mentioned dependent and filed by her parents) Recently I got RFE on my I-485 to provide most recent federal tax receipt, W2 and 1099 of my wife. She does not have any w2 and 1099 for 2012 but she has for 2013. Is it ok to file taxes for 2013 and send most current document with update I-864? Can you please advice what I need to correct error on I-864
2/6/2014 2:51:10 AM
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If you look at the I-864 instructions, it tells you to send the most recent document. You should send old documents only if they specifically ask you (to prove income). Hence you can submit tax documents for most recent tax year (which is 2013).

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