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Thanks for the clarification. Per (b)may not receive it - Is there a possibility to approve even if they don't send the RFE if the case is already pre-adjudicated or is it standard now to send the RFE if it has been long time since pre-adjudication and then only approve the application? If this is the new standard - shouldn't they be atleast sending the RFEs in order of PD rather than randomly sending to Aug 2008 PDs also and leaving prior PDs. I have a March 2008 PD - NSC - didn't receive RFE - Wondering what are the possibiities of getting approved this year? Appreciate your comments.

Thank you !!

Any idea why only TSC is sending the RFEs and not NSC. Is NSC going to send the RFEs anytime soon, or will they send it only when the dates become current for those applications - If the dates open in Sept and NSC starts sending the RFEs, by the time the applicats send the responses Sept might be done and dates retrogress back? Appreciate your comments.

Thank you.
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