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1. Because my income is not enough to sponsor my wife, I am planning to ask my stepfather sponsor for my wife. We are living together but file tax separately every year.

does my stepfather consider a household member or a joint sponsor?

If he consider a joint sponsor, should he fill I-864 or I-864A ?my mother doesn't have any income but they filed the tax marriage jointly. Does she need fill the I-864A if my stepfather fill I-864?

Can he be considered as household member as well?
which way is easier without confusion? Any suggestion? I appreciate it!

2. The second question is my wife got I-130 approve notice when I was a green card holder two years ago but recently I became U.S. Citizen. We sent an immediate relative upgrade letter to NVC 3 weeks ago but haven't received any feedback notice. Should I keep waiting or just file the I-485 package since I am already a citizen?

Thank you

F2A finally move forward to Jan 1st 2013, my PD is October 29th 2013, could you please make a predication that when it come to current? Is that possible the end of this year? or next year??

Thank you,
Thank you, Amazon.

I just want to make sure,
Our situation is : I will apply for the citizen this year October, probably I will become the citizen next year March.
During that time, she cant keep the legal status. Do you think I can still apply her after I become the citizen?

Also her I130 PD is October 27 2013, is there any chance that F2A will become current by the end of the year? If that is possible I will ask her to go to a language school..... (but she already have a Master Degree in the USA.....)

Thank you sooo much!
Thank you for your quick respond. I didn't file the I485 for her yet because the F2A is not current.
So you mean, if she did't file the I485, she have to keep the legal status?

After I become a citizen, can I submit the IR1/CR1, I485 and EAD Application at same time(she wont have legal status at that time)?

Thank you.
Hi,Please help me.
I am a green card holder and my wife's I130 priority date is Oct. 23 . She is in OPT right now, but after July 1st, she will out of the status.
My question is, does she need keep her status after July 1st?
Also, I can apply the citizenship on October, after I become a citizen next year, should I fill out I130 for her again if she out of the status. Thank you.
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