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Hi, not for aos. My husband just called nvc and they told him to disregard the email if we already sent the documents. It's just a false checklist i think.
Hello everyone! Can someone help me on this please. I already sent the civil documents to nvc these are the following : birth certificate,marriage certificate,photocopy of biographic page passport, police certificate, 2 passport size photo.. According to f2a category (spouse) those are the civil documents needed.. But i received just now a checklist regarding civil documents needed to be passed but not specified. My question is do i need to send again another copy? Coz i dont know what document they asked for coz i think i sent the documents completely. Thanks for helping me on this!
Thank you amazon,. But i already sent the civil documents requested by NVC. Im hoping that they would accept it and not to ask a checklist anymore. only on that page has a typographical error the rest of the page are correct.
hello, could someone help me on this.. My marriage certificate has error. 2002 was typed instead of 2012. but on the second page all of it are 2012. Does NVC accept it? But i have with me a AFFIDAVIT OF SUPPORT made by a OCURT JUDGE who solemnized us. DO I need to attach the affidavit of support on the IV package ?
Hello amazon, sorry if i ask too much.. I just want to know if my case will take another year to be completed and be issued an interview? Or just in a few months?
Thanks amazon.
Thank you so much amazon,. And one more thing, i am just wondering why NVC took a long time to process the papers. And importantly, NVC havent received the papers from uscis and its already 2weeks since we got the mail.. Is there any possibility for my case to be completed until november.? Thank you for helping me out amaZon
Thanks amazon. If my PD is april 2013 and the VB for october is september 2013 and having my approval from uscis, then NVC will line me up on having interview ? Correct me if im wrong .. Thanks
Hey soulmates., did nvc assign u a case number now?
Hopefully. We've been calling the nvc 2x a day and still no update.. How about your case?
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