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was your case a concurrent filing (I-485 & I-130 filed together) or you filed I-130 before and you filed I-485 recently when the dates were current?
Thanks for your response Amazon.

My case hasnot moved to "Testing & Interview" yet, but with the wishful thinking and tracking similar filed cases, I'm hoping this to happen within 2-3 weeks timeframe.
Our local office will be Holtsville, NY... and assuming they will schedule the interview a month out or so from the time it moves to T&I status. (so if things move as they are for others, we might have an interview in the last week of December at best or sometime in January.)

We might need to move in December (first half). Hence this small dilemma....

If we happen to update address and the file happens to be routed to local office at the same time, will they re-schedule to the new local office or the interview will be at earlier office only?

The move will be from NY to NC.

Thanks for your time and attention in advance
My wife might need to change job causing us both to change place/state of residence soon...
We have been noticing that it takes quite some time from the time I-485 changes to "testing and interview" status to an interview really getting scheduled.
I think this delay is based on how busy the local office (where the file is sent is)...

If we have to move during this period, and update the address at USCIS, wonder how it is gonna impact the interview scheduling (especially maybe when the file is already at local office?)

Is it recommended not to move in such circumstances?
My case status changed to RFE inspite of
selecting option "h" and mention "I-130 filing concurrently, PD Current F2A , LPR spouse".

Waiting for physical letter to confirm that RFE is indeed about proof of US citizenship.
fingers crossed....

I guess, I will reply with photocopy of Green Card and a copy of Sept Visa bulletin that was the basis for filing concurrently...
Anything else?
For those who received RFE for concurrent filing, did the 797C receipt for I-1485/I-130 not say
"203 a2a ina spouse of lpr"?
I wonder what was in the Receipt notice for those who received RFE requesting proof of US citizenship of spouse.

I have mailed my application (130, 485, 765, 131) yesterday (Sept 9th). If all goes well, hoping I will be able to establish a PD sometime this week of September... lets say Sept 15th...
Because USCIS will continue to process my application till Oct 1st.... I'm hoping I will still be eligible to get EAD and AP in about 90 days time. right?

Though I might have to wait for the final 485 to be adjudicated or even an interview date to be scheduled...right?
Reading this forum, I get the impression that it is advisable to fill I-1485, part 2 as

select option "h" and mention "I-130 Pending, PD Current F2A , LPR spouse"

Does the same apply to folks like me who are sending I-130 and 485 together.... or reword it as

select option "h" and mention "I-130 filing concurrently, PD Current F2A , LPR spouse".

btw, a dumb question... is it ok to fill some sections of the form with hand while few sections I use the fillable-pdf.... for lack of space/not printing the whole text I type in.

Thanks in advance!
Two questions on filling I-130.

I'm preparing the paperwork for concurrent filing of I-130, 485, 765 & 131.
I'm a LPR, petitioning for my spouse and also applying for AOS as my wife is in US on H-1B.
I received my green card few years ago and it has category as E26. (EB2)

How do I answer this question on I-130, as to place of admission?

14. If you are a lawful permanent resident alien, complete the following:
Date and place of admission for or adjustment to lawful permanent residence and class of admission.

The date and category are on Green Card, but I was already in US on H-1B when I received my Green Card....I have been out of US multiple times both before (on H-1B) and after receiving Green Card.
Should I use the location of service center that issued my Green card or the last POE just before I received my permanent residency card.

Next question is, regarding Q 19 on I-130.
19. Your relative's address abroad. (Include street, city, province and country)

Should I fill this with my wife's home country address even if she is here in US and working on H-1B?
or just say none.
Just concerned if the case will be transfered to NVC by mistake if they see a foreign address on file....

Thanks in advance.
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