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You will get the GC sooner than your friend.

Because, assume the PD stays in 2008 June till next month. If they complete processing your application, then you will get GC within next month. Assume it retrogresses next month. After one year, in July 2014, they moved PD to December 2008. Again, you will only GC first as both of your cases might be preadjudicated,but your PD is earlier than his one. At any cost, if they move PD, next year or next month, they will cross your date first and then only 2010 comes. So he will be getting only in 2015 August or 2016 August, to my calculation.

Amazing reply, Amazon.

Mine is EB2 and PD is 2009 August. I applied I485 in April 2012. Received first EAD/DP and renewed EAD/AP successfully this month. I did not receive any RFE so far. Can I assume my case is preadjudicated and my application is in good standing?
The following information was posted by you in forum.
Actually I went through many of your posts and your thoughts are very good.

Q. What about applicants who submitted I-485 in 2007?
A. If you have submitted your I-485 more than a year back, then most likely your case would have been preadjudicated. This means that you do not have to do anything else when the PD becomes current. USCIS will either (a) issue RFE (b) reject application or (c) approve application. If you are impatient, you can always open a service request by calling USCIS national phone number (link on right side).

This is the information you posted in your forum. My actual question is, if one year is gone after filing I485, can we assume the case is preadjudicated? If one application has to be rejected, why they have to wait till 6 months or 1 year? If one application has to be rejected, why they have to renew AP/EAD? So, if EAD/AP is renewed successfully, then can we assume the base ( I485 application ) is in good standing?

The one line question is if I485 application is not eligible or not in good standing they will straight away reject or deny that application, as they have to process and finalize(preadjudicate) any application in 4 to 6 months maximum? After preadjudication of one application, chances of denial is very very remote(like after applying, if the concerned candidate did some crime, etc.). Am I correct?
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