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Hi everyone,
I filed last September in EB3 ROW and got my greencard in beginning of March.My husband filed with me and still got nothing.We both had similar RFE and replied in timely manner. Lawyer's inquiry got following answer:

" You or your representative contacted USCIS concerning your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, to notify us that you believe your case is outside of our normal processing time. Below is a summary of what we found and how the issue has been or may be resolved.

Our records show that your case is currently pending adjudication. However, we have had to perform additional review on your case, and this has caused a longer processing time. If you do not receive a decision or other notice of action from us within six months of this letter, please call customer service at the number provided below to inquire about the status of your case.

We hope this information is helpful and appreciate your continued patience."

Lawyer is being vague answering my questions.I gather it seems like additional review can mean anything or nothing at all. Anybody here with similar experience? What might be the reason for additional review? Is it just generic excuse for any delay?
Yea,I was wondering about that too.What is the point of getting travel documents if lawyers advise not to leave the country even if you have them?And how is this advance parole situation supposed to work? Is it better to stamp a visa instead of using it or not to leave US at all?
Looks like it is 4 months.
You can check here: 

Originally Posted by: JohnK 

This does not seem right for vaccination. You mentioned that you had filled I693 form few years back. At that time both of you should have taken the required vaccination.

You can show that vaccination history as proof. You are not required to take vaccination again.

See page 7 of I693 form instructions. Now it is possible that your civil surgeon would not trust documents from you/them (since you mentioned problems with your old civil surgeon). In that case if he cannot trust you, you should find a new doctor who would. You can save $170 * 2 = $340.

Regarding skin test, in around 48 hours, your forearm would start swelling. Measure the diameter of the swelling. If it is till 4 mm, X ray would not be required.

Bonus point: You can show the swelling to your colleagues and tell them you were bitten by radioactive spider in a top secret lab. 😮

CS did take previous I-693 , he was able to verify those records in some database.Two doses of MMR and TT are required for complete protection and we only got one dose 6 years ago, update was necessary.

He trusts us, but how can I prove to him that mess of a place did not accidentally switch blood samples.I am not sure of that myself.Nurse marked samples by writing our initials on vials,nothing else.

Spider joke did not really work,but it got conversation started,in the end my colleague gave me his serenity chip.He said I need it to deal with my immigration process more than he needs it to deal with his addiction.😁
It says:
"God, give me grace to accept with serenity
the things that cannot be changed,
Courage to change the things
which should be changed,
and the Wisdom to distinguish
the one from the other."
Just want to clarify we wasted actually only $265 at this point.On a Russian CS.
My husband's exam was $200 and X-ray -$65 since he does not have any insurance now.
They will bill insurance for my visit, and X-ray place will do the same. So I am still waiting to see if I get a bill from insurance company.

Second exam does not feel like a waste, but it was a lot more expensive.
$245 for exam,TST and blood test included.$170 for the vaccines.
They do not take insurance so double the above for two=$830😨 Hopefully we will not need x-rays.
Originally Posted by: Amazon 

Img006.jpg: She wrote that TB test results was negative on Aug 16. In addition she wrote that X ray was performed and data read on Aug 15. She also wrote that "an applicant has no physical signs of TB".

Funny things:

1. She claims X ray was done even though it was negative.
2. X ray was done one day before the skin results.
3. In comments, she did not say which applicant (just an applicant)?
4. Img007: She added some random guys image on back of your form? It looks like she is reusing old papers and printed your form on that big photo.

What did the new doctor say about this? Did he make any comments?

Aren't you doubly glad you did not send that I-693 form directly to USCIS? 😁

New doctor did not say anything at all.He just listened and than explained to us how he will make sure our I-693 is done according to instructions.He did not want to look at her papers. I wonder if there is some rule and if he did see violations of laws or doctors ethics code he would have to report it.
He saw our cheap yellow envelopes with scribbles on them,sealed with wrinkly thin scotch tape that already started to peel off,and showed us custom made and printed envelopes his office uses for immigration exam.
He did not tell us to trust him,or to not get freaked out if our papers got returned to us because it is easy to fix.Other doctor did.
This one did not have to.

For all of you guys who reads this.You know that feeling when you start debating in your had and convincing yourself :maybe it is not as bad as I think,maybe it will be OK,maybe I am just overreacting? Do not fool yourself, you know it is not OK and you just being a sucker. I knew from my first phone call to make an appointment there were things that made me cringe about that place, but I did not want to wait and other doctors did not have any appointments last week.
So here I am a sucker.😂
Originally Posted by: layla 

Svitlana & amazon, I may have to do what your doing and go for second exam. I was told today by his nurse when i called they don't give out copies of the medical exams and it will be sealed when I pick it up. However, she will let me know if anything was wrong. Ill see how things go tomorrow or just go to another doctor

Layla,I went for my second exam with new doctor today and he did not want even to look at my old results after hearing my story.There is no way he was going to trust anything other doctor did.
She tested us for both AIDS and syphilis and you are not supposed to be tested for AIDS any more since 2009.
She missed the fact we were not up to date with our MMR and Tetanus shots. So I got poked with four needles today:two for vaccine-one in a shoulder one in a butt,one for TST and one to draw blood again.
Just go and do new tests.Forget about old doctor and wasted money and think about how you will get your GC soon)))
But damn I could use my wasted $300.😂
This is what was on a back of first page and front of second page in my sealed envelope.
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Is there any way to post a scan of my I-693's second page? It is hard to believe without seeing.I promise it is hilarious.
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