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Dear Amazon,

we had paid our I-864 bill on 24th Oct. & submitted DS-261 on 25th Oct.

Till the date, we haven't received I-864 form from NVC.

But we received Immigrant Visa Bill on 3rd Nov. and we have paid the same. (In the NVC process you have mentioned that visa bill would be the next step once we submit a completed AOS form)

So, why this has happened? Is it possible for some cases that they don't ask for AOS?

Kindly guide me.

Originally Posted by: marione05 

Just got our approval too!! Hoooray!! 😃 😃 :D

Congrats 👍
Thanks Amazon.
Eventually my file has been approved on 29th August 😄

Whats your opinion now? So, even in worst case scenario, Is it likely that I'll be eligible to enter USA by February-March 2013?

Thanks again for the help .👍
Dear all,

http://www.mygcvisa.com/.../viewcase.aspx?u=darsh17  This is my case for your reference.

My PD is 22nd April 2013. I got RFE Notice on 5th August. My current status is RFE Review.
And I have 2-3 questions in my mind. Kindly help me to know the answers.

1) Does RFE mean my file is opened and under process?

2) RFE was just for a single mistake. I had to write N/A in the field of "Did Applicant try to get Visa of U.S.A. previously?"
So, Should I think all other docs. are fine and they are satisfied with the file?

3) My latest status is RFE Review (19th august). So, is it so within 60 days my file will get approved?

Thanks a lot. 🙂
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