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  Topic: H1 Stamp
Is it better to get H1 stamp from home country?
  Topic: USCIS Data
How often does USCIS release their data?
What is the last film you watched or want to watch?

Here is the trailer for Disney Movie Frozen.

What is the typical steps for I-140 application?
Thanks Svitlana. On positive side, you got a free chip :)

You should add that in your signature. I am still thinking of a witty signature. 😄
These would be the current processing statistics. 

In link above, it means there are 22,090 cases pending at NSC for I-485 application as of June 30, 2013. Starting time would be probably since they started releasing the data.

You can look at the previous statistics page to see how many applications were processed by USCIS in the last one month.
This does not seem right for vaccination. You mentioned that you had filled I693 form few years back. At that time both of you should have taken the required vaccination.

You can show that vaccination history as proof. You are not required to take vaccination again.

See page 7 of I693 form instructions. Now it is possible that your civil surgeon would not trust documents from you/them (since you mentioned problems with your old civil surgeon). In that case if he cannot trust you, you should find a new doctor who would. You can save $170 * 2 = $340.

Regarding skin test, in around 48 hours, your forearm would start swelling. Measure the diameter of the swelling. If it is till 4 mm, X ray would not be required.

Bonus point: You can show the swelling to your colleagues and tell them you were bitten by radioactive spider in a top secret lab. 😮
  Topic: What is NOA2
NOA1 and NOA2 can also refer to K1 visa.

When applicant file application for K1 Visa (I-129F) it called NOA1.

When the application is approved above, it is called NOA2.
Originally Posted by: Svitlana 

John K,you are right no one knows if House and Senate bills will be reconciled and when.
From what I read general consensus seems to be if it happens at all than everything should transpire by summer recess, that starts on August 5th. I am aware it is serious case of wishful thinking on my part)))

Since Congress only have month of July to pass same CIR bill in Senate and in House (with tons of amendments still pending) it does not seem likely; especially with House Republicans not having a clear agenda on what to do (piecemeal or comprehensive) 🤔


If I were in OP's shoes I would probably stick with current employer simply because I would not want to be stuck in between employers while unable to file I-485 with any of them.
Would first employer want to support I-485 if OP no longer works for him?

Good question. If he has left them after 3-4 years, the old company may not be keen. However if his old company is a consulting company (taking a % cut), they would probably be happy as long as they get money 😂


Would second employer agree to start process without H1-B transfer?
Do you think I have a point? )))

That's another good point. Since he/she said that its a fulltime position, they would have to first file for H1 transfer before he can even start working. There is always a risk of H1 transfer not going through and then he/she would be stuck. Another option is to wait for H1 transfer to succeed and then join the new employer. This could take few months (unless you do premium processing).

Did the new employer said when they would start GC process? Some employers have a waiting period of 1 year. Current laws pretty much ties employee to their sponsoring employer. It becomes much harder for applicants from, say, India where waiting period is currently 10 years (and projected to be 50+ years for those applying in EB3 India in 2013). Their job titles even after 10 years (or more) should be the same as when they filed the PERM application.
Which service center is your case been processed at (Vermont, California, etc). Each of them may have different processing time.
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