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i am still in the phase of submitting documents... i paid the AOS fees but not submitted the documents yet...should i wait for nvc to contact or send them the AOS documents
Hey Amazon,

i am the petitioner of the case and i submitted the ds261 form online on 24 sep 2013... i realized that as a petitioner i put my last and first name and did not put the middle name... so on oct 2 2013 i edit the ds261 with my full name by going on CEAC and submitted it.... i want to know that will nvc go will the previous submitted info or the curretn i submitted and will this delay my case??
i also checked the confirmation numbers on both the emails after submitting and the confirmation on both emails is same....
Please if anybody else this issue tell me the consequences
Originally Posted by: Amazon 

What you can do is mention your current income and add another "cover letter" to the application. In that you can explain that though your last years tax return is below the level, your current income is above the level set in I8-64 instruction page. Also remember to attach proof of current income to convince them.

Then you will have to wait and see what they say. If they are fine with it, they will continue. Else they might send an RFE requesting joint sponsorship. Try to show as much income as you can to convince them.

USCIS has more details in this link: 

Thanks alot amazon....I might take a headache of joint sponser dont want ro take any risk which will delay my case thank you
I knw amazon u r busy but please if u can answer me asap thankyou
Originally Posted by: Amazon 

If you look at I-864 instruction (section 7), it recommends sending last three year tax return if the last tax return is not sufficient proof. 

But all the last 3 tax returns does not meet the current poverty guideline which is 19, 350 something like that...... but my current income this year is more than what poverty guideline is askinh.... do they check current income or they check tax returns for support.... should I do joint spomser ? Please I m really stressed tell me... cant live away without my wife anymore
Hi Amazon,

i think you the better answer for this.. i paid the AOS fees already... i just noticed that my 2012 tax return my income is not meeting the poverty guidelines income requirement.. but now in 2013 the income i am getting is exceeding the poverty guidelines requirement... so my question is do i still have to do through joint sponser or i can do it by myself... because in 1864EZ form they need the current income ( which exceeds the poverty guide lines requirement) at the same time they want the tax returns also ( which shows lower income then poverty guidelines) what should i do please tell me ASAP...
look at this... uscis is transferring to its field offices beacuse of work load 
amazon i am a lil bit confused so now my case will go to NVC... usually how long does it take that NVC issue interview date and will this interview will be for my wife to go in her country consulate and give interview?? if that is correct then i better tell her to get all the documents ready..
want to thanks alot alot alot to amazon by having this GC calculator... AMazon say it is in beta version but i will say its pretty accurate before checking my case status on uscis i checked GC calculator and it said my priority date is current and then i checked my case and it was approved...

thanks alot again... i will need ur help in the next coming steps
do not worry this is their normal processing.. ur waiting time has started just wait...and please do not call uscis for asking like when will my case get approve and what is the status of my case. because they get pissed off. they did on mine i didnt even call them for status or anything about case. i just called them about address change how will i do that i did not give my name or my case number but after 2 days when i check my my case status on uscis there was message that ur address have been changed and wait for normal processing time and do not ask about case status from live assistance... they looked my info through my phone number...

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