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Hi Amazon,

After getting a panic attack , I had requested for an INFOPASS on 26th Nov. We went to the local office where I had given the interview and explained to the officer about my case status. We were asked about the officer name who took our interview and were told to wait until a decision is made since my application is in Nebraska office. We returned home with not much information.

But on 27th Nov, strangest of strangest, we received and email and txt alert saying my I 130 has been approved and the approval notice is being sent my mail. Not sure if this change was due to our INFOPASS request but sure is a surprise.

Hi Amazon,

I just noticed on USCIS website. There is no timeframe given for I-130 processing for Permanent resident filling for a spouse or child under 21(F2A).
Does this mean, they stopped processing the applications under F2A category?

My application was transferred from Vermont Center to Nebraska Center. This is kind of worrying me , since I’m done with my interview and waiting for I 130 approval.


Same here...
I had AOS interview at Mt Laurel ,NJ on 10/29/2013. My husband is LPR and I am on H1.
The officer looked up my case number and said all is fine except my I 130 has been transfered to Nebraska office and it is in transit and not approved yet.Once the form reaches Nebraska office he would request for that form to Mt Laurel local office and he will approve all(I-130,I-485).
He said I should get the approval of the forms in a week's time and should get my GC in 2-3 weeks time. When I check my case status for I-130 online at USCIS site,it still says initial review.This is bothering me as well since I dont have clarity as to what is happening and what will happen.

I have received a RFE for form I -693. I have reached out to civil surgeon to understand more on this. Waiting for her reply. Meanwhile I though if anyone can help me on this form and hence posting here.

Full RFE text is below:

Submit a properly completed and signed Form I-693... for the applicant on Form I-485. The medical examination must be conducted by a civil surgeon who has been designated by the USCIS. The medical must be dated within one year of filing Form I-485.

If you have already submitted Form I-693, either all pages of Form I-693 are not present or all the pages are not of the same revision date.

Medical examinations using the 10/11/11 revision date, the medical must be on or after 11/01/11.
Medical examinations using the 1/15/13 revision date, the medical must be on or after 4/28/13.
All pages of Form I-693 must be present and of the same revision date.

To aid your civil surgeon on your medical exam, take a copy of this letter to your appointment.

To obtain names and telephone numbers of designated civil surgeons in your area, go online to http://www.uscis.gov/  or call USCIS' National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283. You may need to provide your zip code. Have a pen or pencil ready to write down the list of civil surgeons in your area.

Do not submit chest x-ray films with your medical exam.

Submit your medical with this letter. Do NOT hold your medical until your I-485 interview.

For more specific information, see Form I-485 instructions, page 4, "7. Medical Examinations". For the most current version of Form I-485 and Form I-693, including the instructions, go to "Immigration Forms" at http://www.uscis.gov  or call (800) 870-3676.

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