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Hi Amazon,

Thank you for the exhaustive reply.

Quote: "Actually it is normal to assume that. Majority of the people do not know how USCIS processes each application. Maybe I should write a blog post about it"

I think that would be very helpful.

Just wanted to give you some more background: My wife is the principal applicant and I filed as a dependent. I am currently working as a researcher at a University on my H1B, the new job is at a for profit University.My understanding is you cannot transfer H1B between the two types of University. Would that be right?

At the new place i just filled a form where they asked if i have work authorization in the US and I ticked yes. I guess i could contact them if USCIS is not forthcoming. Do you think infopass would help at all is it worth trying to you think its a net negative?

Thanks again
Hi Amazon or anyone with sound knowledge ,

I need opinion on what to do.

My wife and I filed an AOS on June 6th, based on the trends i observed then, people were getting and are still getting greened in 2 months, so for some boneheaded inexplicable reason I chose not to apply for EAD- I reason before i get a job offer the Gc would probably be out.

Now its almost 3 months, most of the people I know have their GC but I am yet to get mine and last of all, I got a job offer to start October 1( Full disclosure: I told the company i had authorization to work- which I do, I'm currently on H1B- its just that i can't transfer the H1B and I will have to wait till April next yr to file another one). I got the offer mid august, realizing my profound error, I quickly filed for an EAD on August 14th.

I am still hopeful that I will get the GC before October 1st but is there anything i can do to maybe help. i am thinking of scheduling an infopass to explain the situation to an IO, or maybe call TSC and explain my worry to them- At this point, while it would be good to have the GC, even the EAD will suffice so I can start the job.

Please advise, I am hearing all sort of conflicting advise from friends- its getting confusing.

Thanks again for your help
I have tried adding my case to the tracker. I have done that about 4 times now. After i click submit, I get message that says

"You have successfully submitted I-485 data!! View Case"

When I click on the view case, it gives me the message below

"It looks like you have not added anything to the tracker yet.

Please click here to add your case to GC tracker"
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